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Sales Leaders DON’T Get the Training They Need

Transitioning from IC to Leader Is HARD
Most sales leaders get thrown into the deep end. Even with YEARS of experience, most of us haven’t received the advanced training we need to become the CROs of tomorrow.
Your boss doesn’t have time to coach you
If you’re a sales leader, your boss is probably an executive. Consider yourself lucky if you ever get any sales leadership coaching.
Trial and error adds YEARS to your goals
Most sales leaders have the long slog of learning through trial and error… taking years to land a promotion that should have taken 18 months.

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Vanilla LEADERSHIP Training Won’t Cut It! HERE'S WHY...

Generic and Theoretical.
Most sales leadership training teaches you what to do, not how to do, leaving you with no tactical application.
Trainers With No Credibility.
Do you want to learn from the guy who hasn’t led reps in over a decade? We don’t either.
Outdated and Stale.
The skills you need today are different from the skills you needed even a couple years ago. Yet most sales leadership training material hasn’t reinvented itself. 


Ditch generic training and master the exact skills you need to win in sales leadership with new cutting edge courses added every month. From identifying skill gaps on your team, to hiring A-players, to crushing your first 90 days in a sales leadership job.

Learn From the Top 1% of
Revenue leaders

Every course is taught by top-rated instructors who are the best of the best in the skill they’re teaching. No learning from a “jack of all trades” or outdated trainers. Steal the skills and playbooks of the top 1% of SaaS and tech revenue leaders

Ordinary People.
Extraordinary outcomes.

"Already seen an increase in close rates and revenue per rep"

"We trained our teams on Discovery Masterclass, and we're already seeing an increase in opp conversion rates. Several reps said this was the most actionable sales training they've ever done."
Alex Moffitt, Sales Manager at Autodesk
"Couldn't imagine performing in sales leadership without this!"

"Of all the education and resources I reviewed before starting in my new role, this was by far the best. I couldn't imagine performing in a sales leadership role without knowing what I know now."
Ellen Rataj, VP Sales at Frewill
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“There is nothing more important than educating yourself as a sales leader.  If you're in sales leadership, don't walk, run to sign up!  This is a bargain.  The content is succinct, actionable, and most importantly fills a massive void in the sales leadership training space (as does all of their' content)!”
Scott Schachter, Sales Leader at TravelPerk
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I cannot recommend pclub.io sale leadership courses enough. If you manage AEs/AMs/sellers of any kind, the price is a no-brainer.
Derek Kelliher, Head of Sales at SaaSWorks

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Build a high performing team.

Master every aspect of sales leadership from beginning to end.


Grow your career.

Break the curve and climb the sales leadership ranks - FASTER.


Make President’s Club.

Stop watching other leaders win while you sit in the crowd .


With a growing library of 30+ interactive online courses packed with income-boosting, deal-closing strategies, you’ll completely reinvent your skills, close more deals, and vastly exceed your OTE.

SaaS Discovery Masterclass

Teach Your Reps to Create ‘White Hot Buying Urgency’ And SELL In An Economic Meltdown

Learn the exact 5-step discovery system I used to grow Gong from $200k to $200M in ARR, build a $7.2 billion valuation, and train the #1 sales team to sell through an economic meltdown.
Create business pain that MONEY follows so you can close more deals and STOP getting ghosted.
Build ‘negative impact’ and create INSANE buying urgency (all while getting your buyer to TRUST you)
Word for word questions to build ‘compounding urgency’ and get buyers to ACT (so YOU get paid).
How to get customers to “run through WALLS” by tapping into ‘raw emotion’ (hint: value comes from contrast)
How to ‘rig’ deals in YOUR favor so you become ‘untouchable’ from competitors (even CHEAP ones!)
Unlock TOTAL insight into the buying process so you know EXACTLY what to do to close every deal in your pipeline.


"Find problems customers are willing to fund!"

“I watched SaaS Discovery Masterclass from start to end. For anyone considering it, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It provides a fantastic structure for great SaaS discovery. Plus, specific, word-for-word questions that help you uncover the business problem a customer is trying to solve. The techniques help you find problems that customers are willing to fund, and create urgency by opening your client’s eyes to the full scope of their problem."
Oliver Bailey, Senior Account Executive, Ebsta
"Your commission checks will thank you!"

"Chris is one of the best coaches I’ve come across in 20 years of selling. He offers thoughtful and actionable advice that is clear, concise, and impactful. His approach to asking “negative impact questions” has been a game-changer for my discovery calls, helping me drive urgency, uncover quantifiable business pain, and win more business. Whether you’re new to SaaS sales, or you’re experienced, I highly recommend taking his courses. Your commission checks will thank you!”
Dan Woodhead, Sr AE, Calendly
"I'm winning opportunities I would have otherwise lost"

"In the world of SaaS sales, we know that discovery is ongoing throughout every stage of a sales cycle. Chris’s approach to mastering discovery is the golden ticket to understanding a client’s true pain (by “peeling back the layers of the onion”), quantifying the impact, and doing it in a natural way. His discovery trainings have helped me as an AE confidently have conversations around quantifiable impact, leading me to win opportunities I would have otherwise missed. If Chris is teaching it, I’m taking it."
Gretchen Reynolds, AE, Gong
"Higher total contract value already"

"Chris, your discovery masterclass is the best. The negative impact lesson has already helped me move a few deals to the next stage with a higher TCV. I've listened to each lesson probably 2-3x since Saturday. Everything is so actionable. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to seeing what you come out with next."
Nick Zee, Account Director, LinkedIn
"I now ask questions I never would have thought - or dared to ask."

"There are a few leaders who have shaped me as a sales pro - Chris is one of them. But based on "learnings per minute", Chris is by far number 1. He is a fountain of insight and a true enabler - he won't tell you something before fully exhausting the room's ability to find the answer. His approach to discovery led me to start asking questions I would never have thought - or dared - to ask. And I know WHY I'm asking and how to best phrase questions for maximum impact. I will continue to actively seek out his content."
Nathan Easom, AE, DemoStack


Learn and master the #1 skill of the world's most successful sales leaders: skill coaching. Transform your team into high-performings super sellers.

Go from struggling sales manager to rising star and future CRO. Master the art, science, and practice of increasing the skill capacity of each rep on your team.
Exact words, scripts, and questions to coach your reps to higher levels of performance.
Expert techniques for crafting plans that systematically increase th quota attainment of every rep on your team.
How to approach coaching so your reps are bought in... and practically think your feedback was THEIR idea.
Simple tactics to get reps to COACH THEMSELVES and improve their skills every month... which much work from you.
Six deadly mistakes 99% of sales managers make when coaching that can performanently CRIPPLE your rep... for good.
Stop making your life harder with these tried-and-true steps for expanding your reps' performance, skills, quota attainment, and revenue growth.

how to run successful sales team meetings

Five Step Formula to Run Sales Team Meetings That Create An Amazing Culture and Drive High Performance and Sales Team Success.

Learn the exact sales team meeting 'system'  Sean used to lead the highest performing team at Outreach during hypergrowth.
Follow a proven five-step ‘system’ for structuring team meetings that drive team succes.
Run group meetings that WIN (instead of presenting to your team and hearing CRICKETS on the other end)
Click-for-click formulas for running sales team meetings that ENGAGE your team.
The right and wrong way to introduce accountabiity and bad news in team meetings.
Get your team EXCITED during your team meetings with a ‘treasure chest’ of tips, techniques, and tactics.
A team ‘messaging framework’ you can follow INSTANTLY to make each and every team meeting resonate.
How to run team meetings that create an amazing culture of performance... and increase culture one team meetings at a time.


Kevin Gaither is the former SVP Sales at Ziprecruiter and has hired more than 1,000 AEs and SDRs. He's also dedicated 25 years to mastering the art and science of hiring top producers. You get to learn his secrets of hiring salespeople that sell like crazy in this course.

Steal, swipe, and copy the the hiring methods, process, interview questions, and screening strategies to hire SaaS reps that SELL.
10 'Irrefutable Laws' of Sales Hiring to Supercharge Your Team Full of A-Player Salespeople That Close Deals
Proven Outbound Sequence Strategies That Put Up MASSIVE Pipeline Generation Numbers: Best practices for inbound and outbound email sequences that get 25% positive-reply rates
Steal the Sales Hiring Processes ad Frameworks That Separates Weak Salespeople From Great Salespeople
Build a The Highest Performing Team In Your Company With Multi-Method Hiring Strategies.
Six Deadly Hiring Mistakes Sales Managers Make That MakeThem Hire Reps That Struggle To Relieve Any Quota
STEAL over 30 battle-tested interview questions, scripts, and screening exercises proven to reveal the TRUE propensity to sell of every candidate.


A step by step game plan on how to crush your first 90 days in a new sales leadership role.

Learn a week by week game plan for you to absolutely crush your first 90 days in any new sales leadership role.
Your first 30 days. Exactly what to do in your first 30 days in anew sales leadership role, week by week.
8 deadly mistakes toavoid in your first 90 days. Almost every new sales leader makes at least two of these. Avoid them tall costs
Your first 60 days. How your game plan starts to change after you've got the first month under your belt.
How to develop your talent strategy. Whether you're inheriting an existing team or building anew team from scratch, you'll know exactly what to do to build a high performing team.
Your first 90 days. How to demonstrate "quick wins" to the business within your first 90 days of starting to fast-track your reputation and career.

Win At Your Price

Master the art of negotiation and close bigger deals, stress-free, hassle-free, and drama-free.

Master seven advanced negotiation strategies so you can negotiate and close more SaaS deals like the “Masters of the Universe” (and earn six-figure commission checks).
Get rid of the stress of your buyer holding the metaphorical gun to your temple and barking “Sharpen your pencil…  more… more… more… or this business goes to your competitor!"
How to SET UP your negotiation for success and create an atmosphere for you to win at your price... so you can pocket BIGGER COMMISSION CHECKS.
Negotiate like a “Master of the Universe” that generates so much income, their parents say to each other: “Oh my word, Martha, I just hope she’s not secretly dealing drugs!…”
Never lose the UPPER HAND in a negotiation again with "jedi mind" negotiation strategies that put you in a POSITION OF POWER.
How to OVERCOME prce resistance... even with tough buyers like CFOs and procurement.

Kill the Maybe

"Systematically Dismantle” Your Buyers Status Quo… And STOP Losing Deals to “No Decision"

Two of the world’s experts on using proven behavioral science to sell B2B technology will teach you how to craft sales narratives that switch your buyers from favoring the “status” quo to favoring ACTION.
Weapons-Grade MESSAGING STRATEGY: How to Use Glitches In Buyer Psychology To SPEED UP Purchase Behavior (and earn your commission checks FASTER and EASER).
The Three Dimensions of Deal-Closing “Value" (Most Sellers Use Only One): How to craft your narrative to align with all three (and why only two out of three won’t work)."
WARNING: An In-Depth Eye-Opening Education On the Mistakes Sellers Make That Trigger Buyers to RESIST Change (and lose deals)
The 7 Laws of Sales Messaging That Gets Buyers to Think "We NEED To Change!" Plus... How To Dismantle the "Fear of Messing Up" And Give Buyers a Shot of Confidence.
The Framing Effect: How to Bring a 'Flamethrower to a Stick Fight' and Craft Sales Narratives That SELL MORE FASTER.

unlock the level up

Exactly how to diagnose rep and team issues and run your business by the metrics so you can dramatically increase revenue per rep.

The world’s expert on frontline sales management teaches YOU a repeatable process for diagnosing team issues with data and metrics so you can exceed your team number consistently… even when you’re not in the room.
Discover Why Issue Diagnosis is One of The Most Important Parts of Coaching Your Reps to Success.
Know which behaviors and metrics you should pay attention to when your reps are running their business off the phone
Key Behaviors to monitor and coach ON and OFF the Phone
Once you've diagnosed the issue, you'll learn tactics for improving that behavior with your reps. You'll learn how to ensure they take action that improves their performance and STICKS!
Understand which behaviors and metrics you should pay attention to when your reps are speaking with customers.


Ordinary LEADERS.
Extraordinary outcomes.

"Most actionable, tactical sales leadership training"

"Like almost every sales leader, I was never TAUGHT how to become a high performing sales leader. I cannot believe how far these courses took my ability to run a high performing team. It’s like I went from rookie to pro bowl in one weekend of watching. Just amazing
Eric Johnson, Sales Manager at Gong
"From 0 to 100 mph as a sales leader in a few weeks"

"I bet no one taught you how to be a high performing sales leader. Me either. These courses took me from 0 to 100 mph when it comes to building a team of high-performing, great reps FAST. The courses are not not too short, not too long. At two hours each, they are perfect. I’ve never learned more helpful techniques to become a great sales leader. Thank you!”
Thomas Ploch, Sales Leader at Meridian Link
"HANDS DOWN the best SaaS sales leadership training I've done"

"Whether you're part of a Series A org preparing to TTTDD, or a publicly-traded company seeking incremental revenue, one thing is for certain: the biggest driver of sales success is the leader. plcub.io's Masterclasses give you the theory, framework, and tools to radically and immediately improve your sales team."
Jack Rosenkrantz, VP Sales at EZRA
"Easiest ROI Ever. I wish this existed before I became a sales leader"

I wish pclub.io existed before I became a sales leader. It would have saved me from so many mistakes. I’ll have a much better start next time around thanks to these courses! I’ll walk into any new role with confidence knowing I can crush it. Easiest ROI ever."
Ken Edwards, Senior Director of Sales at Uberflip


You Get These Amazing FREE Bonuses That Can Help You Wake Up to a Completely Different Life, Business, and Sales Leaership Career

value $1,250


Join hundreds of other SaaS sellers, leaders, and Industry thought leaders in the pclub.io online Skillstacker community. In this exclusive community, you’ll have access to course-specific discussion groups, network with other skill-oriented SaaS leaders, and have 1:1 discussions and coaching sessions with some of the industry’s top thought leaders.
Never Have I Been Part of a Community that has drIveN such tangible impact on my personal and professional life.
The course specific discussion groups coupled with the live deal channels where we strategize as a community is unlike anything I’ve ever had access to before.”
Profile picture of Alex Moffitt
Christian Allen
Trained our teams on
the Discovery Masterclass.
already seeing increase in conversion. Several reps said this was the most actionable sales training they've ever DONE.”
Profile picture of Alex Moffitt
Alex Moffitt
Global Technical Sales Manager, Fusion 360 at Autodesk
value $1,250


Get instant access to a full library of templates, cheat sheets, and tools to close more deals.
The Underground Cold Email Templates: Upgrade and get immediate access to three templates that turn cold strangers into paying customers.
The Underground Multithreading Cheat Sheet: A quick and easy 3x3x3 template you can use to expand your influence and boost win rates in any account.
The $100M Sales Slide Deck Template: Get instant access to the sales deck template that closed over $100,000,000 in ARR (with an explanation of HOW and WHY it works so well).
117 Sales Leadership Tips Cheat Sheet: Get over a DECADE'S worth of learning, trial, and error on how to become a future ChiefRevenue Officer.
39 Questions That Sell Cheat Sheet: Upgrade now and get instant access to 39 proven questions that close more SaaS and tech deals.
Ultimate List of Sales Interview Questions: Upgrade, and inside, you'll get a list of 77 interview questions you can ask to hire DEAL-CLOSING AE candidates on-repeat.
Exact Words and Scripts to Sell to POWER: In only two pages, know exactly what to say to go from "middle manager" to access to senior executives who can say YES!
The Closing Plan Template: Want to see a step by step breakdown of how tech salespeople that earn $500k+ drive timeline and control the sales process? Get the exact spreadsheet template top closers use to SEAL the DEAL.
How to Run Effective Team Meetings: For sales leaders (and aspiring leaders), grab a 5-part template to run impactful team members that motivate your people to sell.
Bullet Proof Business Case Template: Steal, swipe, and copy an exact template that shows you how to create business cases that SELL... even to curmudgeonly CFOs and other tough buyers!
value $2,250

Bi-weekly group coaching

JUST for joining The Platinum Passport, you get FREE ACCESS to our bi-weekly group coaching sessions.
One interaction in the pclub.io group coaching sessions can change EVERYTHING for you.
You'll get to meet with 8-10 like-minded sales professionals in a facilitated group discussion to talk about how to take everyone's sales success to the next level.
There's virtually NOTHING you can't tackle with these group sessions.
Get the group's perspective on challenging situations you're facing.
Hear the winning sales tactics your peers are using to build high performing teams today.
Get expert guidance from a pclub.io faciliator
Build relationships and networks that can last a lifetime.
"Taking my game to the next level"

"Thanks again for the coaching session today. It really shined a light on what I need to work on to take my game to the next level, even beyond the individual situation we discussed"
Sakul Nathwani
Trained our teams on
the Discovery Masterclass.
already seeing increase in conversion. Several reps said this was the most actionable sales training they've ever DONE.”
Profile picture of Alex Moffitt
Alex Moffitt
Sales Manager, Fusion 360 at Autodesk

From the CEO of pclub.io: “You’re Not YEARS Away From Success. You’re SKILLS Away From Success”

From The Desk Of Chris Orlob
San Francisco, Ca.

Dear sales leader:

If you want to fly through the ranks in your sales leadership career, but you’re struggling in your path to get there, this is the most important thing you’ll read all day.

Let me take a wild guess…

You never received ‘sales leadership training.’

At some point, you simply got promoted into management, and you had to ‘figure it out.’

Been there.

But I have a confession to make:

I got lucky.

I struggled for a long time to ‘figure out’ sales management.

And it wasn’t easy…

It’s not like sales:

Where there are literally tens of thousands of books on the subject.


Sales management is typically learned on the job.

There are few books on the subject (and even fewer good ones).

Even so, I devoured all of them.

But most of what I learned was through…

Painful trial and error (mostly ‘error’)

I remember waking up one Sunday with a panic attack.

There were three weeks left in the quarter.

My team had enough pipeline to make the number.

But we only had 9% of our number closed-won.

Three weeks to close over $2.5M.


No predictability.

No repeatability. 

Me just working 70 hour weeks… doing everything I can to make my sales team successful.

Have you ever been there before?

Maybe you have.

Or maybe you’re struggling with other ‘ales of sales management’...

For example…

Are you surprised when that ‘great’ rep you hired struggles to relieve any quota six months into the job…?

Are you exhausted with how HARD you have to work to make your number…?

Are you ever confused on how exactly you should spend your time as a sales manager…?

Do you beat your head against the wall, training and coaching your people, only for them to apply NOTHING in real sales calls…?

Are you under pressure from your boss to make your number… without knowing how exactly you’ll pull it off…?

If you’re feeling any of those, then realize this:

I have some good news for you.

I ‘figured’ all of those things out.

Once I got the hang of it, I went from 84% of my team number, to consistently above 140%.

And we also happened to produce more President’s Club winners in my team than any other.

Here’s a picture of a few of us as President’s Club in Punta Mita, Mexico:

President's Club at Gong

So what does all of that have to do with why you’re here?

It all leads me to…

My ‘lucky break’ in sales leadership

A couple years into working at Gong, we hired a guy named Ryan Longfield to be chief revenue officer.

He had spent the last nine years at LinkedIn.

Starting as an AE, working his way up the leadership ranks, before finally moving on as Senior Director of Talent Solutions…

Leading a 400-rep sales organization and a $200,000,000 annual business.

And now he was Chief Revenue Officer at Gong… and my new boss.

For the next few years…

He taught me everything I know about sales leadership.

He took me under his wing as his ‘protege.’

And taught me everything:

  • How to hire great salespeople (and avoid expensive mishires) with incredibly sophisticated hiring techniques.
  • Exactly how to coach your salespeople to improve their performance… (his methods here are counterintuitive and exactly the opposite of what most sales managers do)
  • How to forecast and land within PENNIES of your original ‘call’
  • Step by step methods for managing your team’s pipeline through to closure.
  • The ins of outs of performance management (and how to create a high-performing team culture)
  • The structure and ‘cadence’ of running weekly team meetings that inspires your sales team to run through brick walls.

And every aspect of sales management, from beginning to end.

But more than all of that…

Ryan’s super power is people leadership.

His ability to amass loyal followers that people would FIGHT to work for is almost surreal.

And he taught me that great leadership is… 

Nothing more than a skill that you can learn…

Just like playing the guitar or learning golf.

Well,that unfair experience I had… getting mentored by Ryan Longfield…

It lit a FIRE in my belly.

It made me want to give other sales leaders the same access to sales leadership education that I had. 

So with these online courses, our proven instructors teach YOU everything.

So you can master every aspect of this ‘confusing’ job that is sales leadership… 

And fly through the ranks of your sales leadership career…

Setting yourself up to be a future Chief Revenue Officer. Or to build a high performing team, like so many sales leaders who are already Platinum Passport members:

“I've already seen an increase in conversion rates and revenue per rep on my team. And It's only been a couple months."

Alex Mofitt,
Sales Manager, Autodesk

That doesn’t have to be a fantasy. 

That can be your reality. And we can help you get there.

But here’s what you need to understand:

Everything you want is on the other side of skill acquisition

I can’t tell you how much that has proven to be true in my life, and in the 7,000 before and after success stories of pclub.io members.

You’re closer to that vision of sales leadership success of yours than you think.

And if you lean in on skill acquisition with us, you’ll get to what what it feels like for other sales leaders to call you lucky.

I’m infamous for saying skill acquisition is the “secret of secrets” of making big money in sales and leadership. While some think that’s hyperbolic, it’s also true that no one ever went broke investing in themselves.  Hasn’t happened. Never will. 

Build your skills like others won’t, and you get to live like others can’t. 

The sales leaders who are doing this 1,000 percent are building extraordinary teams, incomes, and success stories for themselves.

Lightyears better than those who aren't focusing on their skills at all, who are ignoring it (I highly doubt that’s you), or are not willing to dedicate time and energy into acquiring the new skills the new economy demands for sales leadership success.

So If you want to vastly exceed your revenue targets, break the career curve, fly through the ranks, and go from "struggling manager" to"Future CRO"... you have the chance to do that in spades alongside thousands of others who have joined us. Now is your chance. 

In early 2022, I read a quote that hit me like a ton of bricks:

“A year from now, you’ll be a year older.” 

Imagine YOUR future self… 365 days from now.

What would “future you” say to “today you”

If you got a glimpse into your future… what would you regret not having started now? 

Decisions are powerful. You can make a decision today that makes your future self very, very happy (and maybe a tad richer; nothing wrong with that!)

Imagining being able to say things like…

“Today, my team is closing more deals and having more fun than we ever have.”

“Today, I’m making more money than I ever have. Big W2 this year!”

“Today, my sales leadership success has never been greater.”

"Today, I'm on the fast-track to become a CRO."

Here’s some sweet, sweet news about that…  

It’s not only possible. It’s probable.  

The people who joined Platinum Passport a while ago?  

Their future selves have already arrived. Here’s what they say…

The whole “future self” thing… some might think it’s cheesy. 

 But I don’t.  

It was my way of reaching out through this screen to grab you by the shirt collar… because I know I have something that can turbocharge your sales leadership career.  

This one decision could put you on a new trajectory.  

You’re closer than you think. But YOU have to take the first step.

This has the power to transform you, as you can see in their stories.

Like I said:

It's harder than ever to build high performing teams right now. The economic climate increased the complexity of purchase cycles. Buying decisions are made at a higher level (with more scrutiny). Buying teams are getting bigger, with lower risk tolerance. More competitors are positioning themselves as low cost alternatives. 

If you don't reinvent your sales leadershp skills to succeed in these market conditions... you're in for a "lean" year. 

I truly believe that.

You have a chance to reinvent your skills in a fast-changing world… 

You have a chance to build a high performing team...

You have a chance to vastly exceed your revenue targets and income goals in this "new economy"... But you have to do it now (or you never will).

It’s time to reinvent your skills, win through changing market conditions – and fast-track your sales ledership career.

From the mouth of a famous "Sales CEO…"

Years ago I met a semi-famous CEO (who by the way made millions a year and “grew up” in sales leadership).  

The guy had no college degree. 

So I quizzed him on how he elevated his station in life. 

From “barefoot to billionaire,” as he called it. 

He taught me the ultimate career success and wealth-building hack: 

“Anytime someone you trust recommends a book, class, course, or other forms of professional development, buy it and take it immediately.” 

“That could get expensive!” I said back.  

But then he crushed my feeble objection with this: 

“No one ever went broke investing in their skills.” 

True then. True now. 

Even more true today, actually.  

Because market conditions change faster than most people evolve their skills.  

Those that don’t reinvent their skills become stale. 

And their attainment, personal income, and stalling career growth reflects that. 

Trust me when I say this:

Joining pclub.io is not something you’ll regret.

You’ll never go broke investing in yourself.

Here’s Exactly What to Do Next

Join us.

Click the sign up button.

On the next page, you’ll enter your contact details.

From there, you’ll have instant access to everything.

And you can start learning and moving the needle on your revenue targets almost immediately. 

Don’t forget: 

You can buy the skills that get you to your dream career.

The question is, will you pay for them with money? Or time?  

If you value your time over a few hundred dollars…  Now’s your chance to join pclub.io.

Don’t let this be “just another letter” that you close out and move on with your day. 

I want your future self to be everything you dreamed of. 

But it will only happen if you make the decision.  Otherwise… A year from now, you’ll be a year older.”

Your career as a Future CRO awaits,

Chris Orlob,
CEO, pclub.io

P.S. Don’t forget, you’re not YEARS away from your dream life. You’re SKILLS away from your dream life. Build the skills your dreams demand, and your dreams run toward you.

Is there a money back guarantee?...

Of course... :)
If you join the ANNUAL subscrpion, you geta 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

We're taking 100% of the risk. I guarantee that if you join this program, watch the courses, and apply the techniques....You will succeed massively....

...With more income, more revenue, more success & more FUN than YOU ever had before. (Not to mention less stress).

Pretty simple. But if you're like most people, this experience will change change your income and transform your life.

Please note: We do not offer refunds on the monthly subscription. This is for annual members only :)
Start Closing More Deals
"Finished the year at 182% of my number"

"After having one of my first down quarters in my sales career, I went back to the drawing board and found the pclub.io courses. Ended up finishing at 180% of Q4 quota and was able to lead the team in ARR for the year. Thanks a ton, the sales world has been in need of some clearly defined steps to success for a while!"

Sean O'Brien,
Account Executive, Mosaich


Fast Track Your Sales Leadership Career. Go From "Struggling Manager" to "Future CRO"
Hitting your number is harder than ever. Sales cycles are more complex. Buying committees are bigger and more risk-averse. The pclub.io Platinum Passport is the best way to modernize your SaaS sales skills for unstoppable sales success in new market conditions. 
You get access to EVERY ONE of our top-rated SaaS sales and sales leadership courses, including (but NOT limited to):
SaaS Discovery Masterclass
Learn the exact 5-step discovery system I used to grow Gong from $200k to $200M in ARR, build a $7.2 billion valuation, and train the #1 sales team to sell through an economic meltdown.
$500 value
Unlock the Level Up
How to diagnose your sales team's' gaps, run your business by the metrics, and create a high performing organization as a sales leader.
$500 value
Skill Coaching fo AE Managers
A step by step field guide on how to systematically improve the performance of every account executive on your team through skill coaching to dramatically increase revenue per rep.
$500 value
Diamond In the Rough (Hiring Masterclass)
Learn the secrets of hiring A-Player salespeople from the former SVP Sales at Ziprecruiter. Steal his step bystep by hiring process, interview questions, and build the most formidable team in you company or industry.
$500 value
Your First 90 Days as a Sales Leader
In our Sink or Swim course, you'll learn exactly how to crush your first 0days in a new sales leadership job, with a week by week game plan and breakdown,
$500 value
Win At Your Price (Advanced Negotiation)
Help your reps to stop "giving away the farm" and offering huge discounts to close deals. Improve your ASP and decrease your discount rates.
$500 value
How to Run Effective AE Team Meetings
Learn a simple (but powerful) five step framework or running weekly sales team meetings that build culture and get your team running through brick walls to sell.
$500 value
Selling With Champions
How to Find and Empower Champions That ‘Run Through Brick Walls’ and SELL When You’re Not In the Room… So You Can Close Bigger Deals Faster Without Getting Ghosted
$500 value
Advanced Account Planning & Precision Prospecting
Strategically ATTACK your accounts and territory and BREAK THROUGH THE NOISE to get meetings with elusive senior executives and other powerful buyers.
$500 value
Cold Calling Mastery
Master the 8-step framework of col call that convert from one of the world's EXPERT cold callers. Get rid of phone phobia and make cold calls wit CONFIDENCE... so you can turbocharge your pipeline generation.
$500 value
PLUS... 20 MORE Income-Boosting Online Courses
Get INSTANT ACCESS toall NEW courses every single month. Plus, instant access to 20 more courses ranging from selling to power, to advanced cold calling strategies, winning ove CFOs, and everything to help you master every aspect of SaaS sales to close more deals and EXCEED your OTE.
$21,644+ value
Join thousands of other SaaS leaders and Industry thought leaders in the pclub.io online Skill Stacker community. In this exclusive community, you’ll have access to course-specific discussion groups, network with other skill-oriented SaaS sellers, and have 1:1 discussions and coaching sessions with some of the industry’s top thought leaders.
$1,250 value
Get instant access to a full library of templates, cheat sheets, and tools to close more deals. INCLUDING cold email templates, sales decks, questions that sell, scripts for accessing power, multi-threading cheat sheet, cold calling scripts, bullet proof business case template... AND MORE!
$1,250 value
You'll get to meet with 8-10 like-minded sales professionals in a facilitated group discussion to talk about how to take everyone's sales success to the next level.
$2,250 value
total value: OVER $31,394
You get it all for just: $997


Derek Kelliher,
Head of Sales at SaaSWorks
"If you manage AEs/AMs/Sellers of any kind, ths is a no-brainer"

I cannot recommend pclub.io sale leadership courses enough. If you manage AEs/AMs/sellers of any kind, the price is a no-brainer.
Alex Moffitt,
Sales Manager at Autodesk
"Already seen an increase in close rates and revenue per rep"

"We trained our teams on Discovery Masterclass, and we're already seeing an increase in opp conversion rates. Several reps said this was the most actionable sales training they've ever done."
Ellen Rataj,
VP Sales at Freewill
"Couldn't imagine performing in sales leadership without this!"

"Of all the education and resources I reviewed before starting in my new role, this was by far the best. I couldn't imagine performing in a sales leadership role without knowing what I know now."
Eric Johnson,
Sales Manager at Gong
"Most actionable, tactical sales leadership training"

"Like almost every sales leader, I was never TAUGHT how to become a high performing sales leader. I cannot believe how far these courses took my ability to run a high performing team. It’s like I went from rookie to pro bowl in one weekend of watching. Just amazing"


Do I get INSTANT access to all the courses?
Yes! You get INSTANT online access as soon as you sign up. All of courses are online, on-demand courses. Once you sign up, all existing courses we have will be immediately accessible so you can start using the playbooks literally today to fast-track your sales leadership career.

Plus, whenever we release a new course (3-5 per quarter, and growing), you'll get instant access ahead of everyone else.
What benefits can I expect?
You'll get to steal proven playbooks from the top 0.01% of tech sales leaders, so you can grow your skills, income, revenue, and attainment to life-altering levels. Seriously. We've had thousands of sales managers report these benefits to us, unsolicited.

The reason this is so effective is we give you precision skill-building by the best subject-matter experts we can find. Instead of getting broad, generic sales leadership training. You get to master precise skills and blow past your peers in terms of your growth, value, and revenue generation.
Is this lifetime access or is this a subscription?
The Platinum Passport is a subscription. In includes instant access to all new courses going forward without any additional fee. You can either subscribe monthly or annually at a discount.
Is the course content unique or can I find it elsewhere on the web?
These are all pclub.io exclusive courses. You won't find anything like it on the web or for free elsewhere.

You WILL find plenty of other 'cookie cutter' courses on sales out there.

So what's the difference?

pclub.io courses are known to be the most tactical, actionable sales leadershp courses on the planet. You'll walk out of every course with new techniques you can start using today. Plus, every course is created by one of the world's top subject matter experts for the given topic. You'll never get generic "Jack of all trades" courses with us.

Not just diagrams, charts, and theory :) Actual deal-closing tactics. Some of it, word-for-word.
Will this work for me?
Yes! The techniques, strategies, and tactics in Platinum Passport are NOT ONLY working for sales leaders everywhere... but all of them come from EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE from real life sales motions. These techniques have worked for tech sellers, leaders, and entrepreneurs from around the globe.
Are the courses live or recorded?
The courses is instantly available and on demand, waiting at your fingertips.

No long, boring Zoom sessions. No dealing with scheduling. Just instant access to over 30+ online courses that can help you become a future CRO.

Just imagine: you can get instant access to the repeatable playbooks of the top 0.01% tech sales leaders so your team can start closing more deals within 60 seconds from now.

And you can learn it at your own pace anywhere you have an Internet connection.
How long is each course?
Usually 2-3 hours. Some more, some less.

Most of them are split up across 5-6 modules and multiple lessons and exercises in each module.

Each lesson is between three and ten minutes long. That makes it EASY to watch and learn at your own pace.
I’m worried I won’t have time to do these courses.
I get it.

You'd rather be out leading your people rather than learning to lead and manage. But guess what?

Every minute you spend mastering your craft...

Makes every minute you spend IN THE TRENCHES far more productive.

Plus... you don't have to take every single course all at once (nor should you).

Just start with watching 1-2 lessons per week. Anyone can find 15-20 minutes a week to learn.
Who are these courses FOR and NOT for?
Any sales manager or sales leader who manages a sales team or large sales organization that sells B2B (or B2G... these just aren't for B2C sales teams).
I’m not sure if the price is worth it.
Imagine this...

You MASTER these sales leadership playbooks and skills. You get REALLY good at them.

As a result... your team is closing more deals faster. And with repeatable consistency.

The commission on each deal?

Thousands of dollars. Maybe tens of thousands. Over a lifetime... we're talking about hundreds of thousands in income you wouldn't have earned otherwise. Now think about the price of this subscription...

$3 per day.

A drop in the bucket.

"No one ever went broke investing in their skills."
How long will it take to see results?
If you APPLY what you learn, you'll see a noticeable difference as soon as this MONTH. Customers tell us that our courses are the most actionable training they have seen. This isn't about knowledge. It's about RESULTS.
How is this different than other sales leadership training courses in general?
What separates pclub.io courses from other sales leadership training is three things:

1. They are the most tactical, action-oriented courses in the world. That's not our opinion, that's what thousands of customers tell us! We don't focus on 'triangles, diagrams, and theories.' We focus on actionable techniques, tactics, and strategies you can immediately use to build a high performing sales team.

2. Precision. We don't try to boil the ocean with any single course and teach too broad of a skill. That makes training generic and too high level. Every course is precise with the skill it aims to build for you. That helps you rapidly accelerate growing your skills (and success).

3. The world's top sales leadership subject matter experts teach each given topic. We work with dozens of course authors and subject matter expertise, and we find the best one possible to teach each topic. That means there are no "jack of all trades" courses. Each topic is taught be the best of the best for that specific topic.

It's all based on 'in the trenches' experience. Most training content is either created by trainers who haven't managed res in 20 years, or content marketers who have (literally) NEVER closed deals.
I’ve already tried a bunch of stuff – how is this different?
I love this question because what you're really asking 'will this time be different?'

You might even be wondering if YOU can 'pull off' the techniques in these courses.

Valid concern!

Look, before I give you MY answer, know this: Almost EVERY professional that has signed up for ANY of our courses THOUGHT THE EXACT SAME THING.

And yet... this time WAS DIFFERENT. Thousands of our customers are telling us that. Just look at all the success stories.

Each course is based on PROVEN techniques that help you master sales leadership faster.
Can I expense this?
Ask your boss!

Most likely, you can. Especially because we offer professional certificates when you complete each course.

Most companies give their people education stipends.

We price our courses to be affordable enough for you to some or all of your stipend on them.

Plus... all of our courses come with a certificate of completion when you're done. Most companies will let you expense a course if it comes with a certificate.
What if for any reason I don’t like the course?
If you sign up for an annual subscription, you have a 30 day money back guaranee! If you sign up for a monthly subscription, you can cancel your subscription at any time.
Ok I'm in. How do I get started?
Hit one of the buttons that says "Start Closing More Deals!"

On the next page, complete your payment information. From there, you'll get instant access to your subscription: all courses, modules, lessons, and exercises.

Just imagine...The repeatable playbooks for fast-tracking your sales leadership career are within 60 seconds of your grasp.

You're one step away from turbocharging your sales leadership success... and growing your income, revenue, and attainment at breakneck speed.

See you inside!
How does the monthly subscription work?
For $99 a month, you’ll receive access to the ENTIRE pclub.io course catalog, as well as access to every new course we release. In addition, you’ll receive monthly access to our exclusive pclub.io Skillstacker Online Community. Cancel anytime. Cancellations will take effect the following month and will not be prorated. 
Is there an annual option? 
Yes! We also offer an annual subscription to Platinum Passport for a 20% savings. Reap all the same benefits for $997 and save 20% off if you purchase for the entire year.


Stay on the cutting edge. Win through changing market conditions. Vastly exceed your revenue targets.