Upskill Your Revenue Team With Live Instructor Led Training

Hitting your number is harder than ever. Sales cycles are more complex. Buying committees are bigger and more risk-averse. The Platinum Passport is the best way to modernize your SaaS sales skills for unstoppable sales success in new market conditions. 

What makes our programs different?

Our instructor led training (ILT) programs are unlike any other. You get to choose from dozens of live, multi-week courses delivered to your revenue team; each one developed and taught by a proven revenue practitioner. During the program, your team will get access to our online learning platform of over 30+ courses where they will complete learning assignments in the ultimate blended training experience.
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Real Success Stories from Real Revenue Teams

Why instructor-led training from

It’s Never Been Harder to Close SaaS Deals

Sales cycles are getting more complex
New market conditions have introduced far more complexity in the purchase cycle, dragging out sales cycles that end up going dark.
Decisions are made at a higher level.
Account executives struggle to gain access to the highest levels… and lose deals as a result. 
Buying committees are bigger and risk averse.
 It takes double the amount of people to make a buying decision… and they’re all more risk averse and gunshy.

Modernize Your Skills With instructor-led blended programs

Deal Closing Tactics In Every Live Course.
The reason our members rave about is it’s consistently the most actionable and tactical courses they’ve ever taken. 
Ongoing and Reinforced.
Our multi-week programs include up to 70% hands-on learning and reinforcement programs, so you create durable skills that stick.
Proven Instructors.
We vet our course instructors rigorously. For every 100 people that apply to become a course instructor, only five people make it. You get to learn from proven practitioners. 
Newest and Most Effective Training.
Market conditions change faster than most reps can modernize their skills. Not with You get instant access to the newest, most cutting edge skills training every time we release a new course.

Vanilla SALES Training Won’t Cut It!

Generic and Theoretical.
Most sales training teaches you what to do, not how to do it, leaving you with no tactical application to close more deals.
One and Done.
Most sales training delivers a bunch of content in a short burst, only to dissipate over time.
Trainers With No Credibility.
Do your reps want to learn from the guy who hasn’t sold in over a decade? We don’t either.
Outdated and Stale.
The skills your reps need today are different than the skills they needed even a couple years ago. Yet most sales training material hasn’t reinvented itself. 


Deep Skill Transformation.

Stop leaving upskilling to chance. Transformation your team's skills in a specific topic with utter certainty with multi-week blended learning that includes up to 70% hands-on learning and reinforcement.

Role Transition Programs.

Upskill and Reskill people who are transitioning roles to set them up for success. Transition SDRs to AEs and AEs to Managers with complete confidence.


Hiring a lot of people. Let us partner with you on building powerful skill building academies that emperors new hires to accelerate ramp time.

Adapt to New Market Conditions

Prepare your teams with the skills they need to sell in new market conditions and changing economies. Reinvent your org's skills and future-proof your success.

Learn From the Top 1% of
SaaS Revenue Practitioners

Every ILT course is designed by top-rated instructors who are the best of the best in the skill they’re teaching. No learning from a “jack of all trades” or outdated trainers. Steal the skills and playbooks of the top 1% of tech revenue income earners.


Zach Bromberg,
AE at Vidyard
"The most valuable courses I've ever taken"

"Have to say: was extremely surprised. I've taken MANY courses that tackle SaS sales at length - all of which are much longer, fluffier, and much more expensive. I've gotten much more simple and tangible information from these courses. Most valuable courses I've taken on SaaS sales. I've already recommended the courses to several folks."
Luciano Scala,
AE at
"I feel like I can RUN CIRCLES around my competitors now."

"I feel like I can RUN CIRCLES around my competitors now. Seriously. I had no idea there were so many tactics and strategies to win SaaS deals. They don't stand a chance anymore. It's almost unfair. PLUS, I can win at the prices I want. Even when they undercut me on price."
EJ Eitel,
AE at Limble
"Extremely practical, actionable, down to the exact steps"

"Extremely practical, actionable, down to the exact steps and tactics to use to win your unfair share of  deals. I like the way goes straight to techniques you can use immediately without a bunch of fluff. The course instructors know SaaS sales REALLY well and share everything they know."
Lorraine Pettit,
AE at Gong
"If you care about your sales growth, this is the fastest way to get MOVING"

"There's nothing like learning from course instructors who has seen it all AND bottled up those learnings for the rest of us. pclub's almost surgical approach to sales will leave you bulletproof for that next call and rethinking all the ones before - in the best way! If you care about your sales growth or are helping someone else level up their own, this is the fastest way to get moving!"


I thought offered an online learning platform. You do live instructor led training too?
Yes! Most of our customers use our online skills platform. But sometimes, combining live instruction and hands-on learning with online learning creates the ultimate blended experience.
Am I just going to learn 'cookie cutter' sales techniques?
There's nothing cookie cutter or generic about these courses. All courses are focused on 'ACTIONABLE' strategies. Each course is packed with specific steps you can take TODAY to close more deals, build more pipeline, and advance your revenue career.
How long is each program?
It depends.

We can craft a live program that lasts just a day or two, all the way to a multi-week program depending on your needs.
I’m worried about taking my sellers off "the floor" for training
We get it.

You'd rather be out selling rather than learning to sell. But guess what?

Every minute you spend mastering your craft...

Makes every minute you spend SELLING far more productive.
How is this different than other sales training courses in general?
What separates courses from other sales training is three things:

1. They are the most tactical, action-oriented sales courses in the world. That's not our opinion, that's what thousands of customers tell us! We don't focus on 'triangles, diagrams, and theories.' We focus on actionable techniques, tactics, and strategies you can immediately use to close more deals.

2. Precision. We don't try to boil the ocean with any single course and teach too broad of a skill. That makes training generic and too high level. Every course is precise with the skill it aims to build for you. That helps you rapidly accelerate growing your skills (and success).

3. The world's top subject matter expert for each given topic. We work with dozens of course authors and subject matter expertise, and we find the best one possible to teach each topic. That means there are no "jack of all trades" courses. Each topic is taught be the best of the best for that specific topic.

It's all based on 'in the trenches' experience. Most sales training content is either created by sales trainers who haven't closed deals in 20 years, or content marketers who have (literally) NEVER closed deals.


Boost win rates. Increase ASP. Decrease sales cycle.