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keeping their skills on the cutting edge

Stay On the Cutting Edge of Sales With the Top Rated Online Courses

Ditch generic sales training and master the exact skills you need to win in tech sales with new cutting edge courses added every month. From writing cold emails that book meetings, to mutli-threading, to business acumen, all the way through to advanced techniques on negotiating and managing your closing motion.

Learn From the Top 1% of
SaaS Revenue Practitioners

Every course is taught by top-rated instructors who are the best of the best in the skill they’re teaching. No learning from a “jack of all trades” or outdated trainers. Steal the skills and playbooks of the top 1% of tech revenue income earners.

What People Are Saying

"Find problems customers are willing to fund!"

“I watched SaaS Discovery Masterclass from start to end. For anyone considering it, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It provides a fantastic structure for great SaaS discovery. Plus, specific, word-for-word questions that help you uncover the business problem a customer is trying to solve. The techniques help you find problems that customers are willing to fund, and create urgency by opening your client’s eyes to the full scope of their problem."
Oliver Bailey, Senior Account Executive, Ebsta
"Your commission checks will thank you!"

"Chris is one of the best coaches I’ve come across in 20 years of selling. He offers thoughtful and actionable advice that is clear, concise, and impactful. His approach to asking “negative impact questions” has been a game-changer for my discovery calls, helping me drive urgency, uncover quantifiable business pain, and win more business. Whether you’re new to SaaS sales, or you’re experienced, I highly recommend taking his courses. Your commission checks will thank you!”
Dan Woodhead, Sr AE, Calendly
"I'm winning opportunities I would have otherwise lost"

"In the world of SaaS sales, we know that discovery is ongoing throughout every stage of a sales cycle. Chris’s approach to mastering discovery is the golden ticket to understanding a client’s true pain (by “peeling back the layers of the onion”), quantifying the impact, and doing it in a natural way. His discovery trainings have helped me as an AE confidently have conversations around quantifiable impact, leading me to win opportunities I would have otherwise missed. If Chris is teaching it, I’m taking it."
Gretchen Reynolds, AE, Gong
"Higher total contract value already"

"Chris, your discovery masterclass is the best. The negative impact lesson has already helped me move a few deals to the next stage with a higher TCV. I've listened to each lesson probably 2-3x since Saturday. Everything is so actionable. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to seeing what you come out with next."
Nick Zee, Account Director, LinkedIn
"I now ask questions I never would have thought - or dared to ask."

"There are a few leaders who have shaped me as a sales pro - Chris is one of them. But based on "learnings per minute", Chris is by far number 1. He is a fountain of insight and a true enabler - he won't tell you something before fully exhausting the room's ability to find the answer. His approach to discovery led me to start asking questions I would never have thought - or dared - to ask. And I know WHY I'm asking and how to best phrase questions for maximum impact. I will continue to actively seek out his content."
Nathan Easom, AE, DemoStack

Master Every Aspect of Selling With Structured Learning Paths

Master every aspect of tech and SaaS sales, from prospecting to close. Uplevel your skills through structured learning paths that grow your skills so you can close more deals, sell through a tough economy, and vastly exceed your OTE and revenue goals.

Grow Skills With Hands On Exercises

Walk through step-by-step exercises that help you take what you learn, and apply it to your pipeline. All so you can grow the skills that close more deals.

Grow Skills With Hands On Exercises

Walk through step-by-step exercises that help you take what you learn, and apply it to your pipeline. All so you can grow the skills that close more deals.
Curated learning. Screenshots of Pclub App users learning.
Man watching the courses from Pclub App.

Sell Through Changing Market Conditions With Trending New Courses

With a subscription, you’re guaranteed to stay on the cutting edge. Market conditions change faster than most salespeople can reinvent their skills. You’ll put yourself in the top 1% by staying ahead of the curve and mastering new sales playbooks the modern world demands for success.

Use What You Learn With Templates, Cheat Sheets, and Checklists

Download dozens of resources, cheat sheets, and templates. Get the bulletproof business case template. Snag cold emails that convert. Take what you learn and easily apply it with workbooks and job aids.

Level Up With a Thriving Online Community

Join hundreds of other SaaS Sellers and Industry thought leaders in the online Skillstacker community. In this exclusive community, you’ll have access to course-specific discussion groups, network with other skill-oriented SaaS sellers, and have 1:1 discussions and coaching sessions with some of the industry’s top thought leaders.

Join Thousands of Others Keeping Their Skills On the Cutting Edge

"The most valuable courses I've taken"

"Chris. have to say: was extremely surprised. I've taken MANY courses that tackle discovery at length - all of which are much longer and much more expensive. I've gotten much more simple and tangible information from your course. Most valuable course I've taken on discovery. I've already recommended the course to several folks. Thank you for putting so much value together in 90 minutes. Have watched the course twice already.”
Zach Bromberg
"Extremely practical, actionable, down to the exact steps"

"Extremely practical, actionable, down to the exact steps and questions to ask to win your unfair share of competitive deals. I like the way Chris goes straight to techniques you can use immediately without a bunch of fluff. He knows SaaS sales REALLY well and shares everything he knows."
EJ Eitel
"I feel like I can RUN CIRCLES around my competitors now."

"I feel like I can RUN CIRCLES around my competitors now. Seriously. I had no idea there were so many tactics and strategies to win competitive SaaS deals. They don't stand a chance anymore. It's almost unfair. PLUS, I can win at the prices I want. Even when they undercut me on price."
Luciano Scala
"If you care about your sales growth, this is the fastest way to get MOVING"

"There's nothing like learning from someone who has seen it all AND bottled up those learnings for the rest of us. Chris's almost surgical approach to sales will leave you bulletproof for that next call and rethinking all the ones before - in the best way! If you care about your sales growth or are helping someone else level up their own, this is the fastest way to get moving!"
Lorraine Pettit

Ordinary Revenue Professionals. Extraordinary Revenue Outcomes


Do I get INSTANT access to all the courses?
Yes! You get INSTANT online access as soon as you sign up. All of courses are online, self-paced courses. Once you sign up, all existing courses we have will be immediately accessible so you can start using the playbooks literally today to close more deals.

Plus, whenever we release a new course (3-5 per quarter, and growing), you'll get instant access ahead of everyone else.
What benefits can I expect?
You'll get to steal proven playbooks from the top 0.01% of tech sales practitioners, so you can grow your skills, income, revenue, and attainment to life-altering levels. Seriously. We've had thousands of tech salespeople report these benefits to us, unsolicited.

The reason this is so effective is we give you precision skill-building by the best subject-matter experts we can find. Instead of getting broad, generic sales training. You get to master precise skills and blow past your peers in terms of your growth, value, and revenue generation.
Is this lifetime access is this a subscription?
The Platinum Passport is a monthly subscription. In includes instant access to all new courses going forward without any additional fee.
Am I just going to learn 'cookie cutter' sales techniques?
There's nothing cookie cutter or generic about these courses. All courses are focused on 'ACTIONABLE' strategies. Each course is packed with specific steps you can take TODAY to close more deals, build more pipeline, and advance your revenue career.
Is the course content unique or can I find it elsewhere on the web?
These are all exclusive courses. You won't find anything like it on the web or for free elsewhere.

You WILL find plenty of other 'cookie cutter' courses on sales out there.

So what's the difference? courses are known to be the most tactical, actionable sales courses on the planet. You'll walk out of every course with new deal-closing techniques you can start using today. Plus, every course is created by one of the world's top subject matter experts for the given topic. You'll never get generic "Jack of all trades" courses with us.

Not just diagrams, charts, and theory :) Actual deal-closing tactics. Some of it, word-for-word.
Will this work for me?
Yes! The techniques, strategies, and tactics in Platinum Passport are NOT ONLY working for tech sellers everywhere... but all of them come from EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE from real life sales motions. These techniques have worked for tech sellers, leaders, and entrepreneurs from around the globe.
Are the courses live or recorded?
The courses is instantly available and already recorded.

No long, boring Zoom sessions. No dealing with scheduling.

Just imagine: you can get instant access to the repeatable playbooks of the top 0.01% tech sales practitioners so you can start closing more deals within 60 seconds from now.

And you can learn it at your own pace anywhere you have an Internet connection.
How long is each course?
Usually 2-3 hours. Some more, some less.

Most of them are split up across 5-6 modules and multiple lessons and exercises in each module.

Each lesson is between three and ten minutes long. That makes it EASY to watch and learn at your own pace.
I’m worried I won’t have time to do these courses.
I get it.

You'd rather be out selling rather than learning to sell. But guess what?

Every minute you spend mastering your craft...

Makes every minute you spend SELLING far more productive.

Plus... you don't have to take every single course all at once (nor should you).

Just start with watching 1-2 video lessons per week. Anyone can find 15-20 minutes a week to learn.
Who are these courses FOR and NOT for?
Anyone who sells B2B tech. Account executives, entrepreneurs, SDRs, even entrepreneurs.
I’m not sure if the price is worth it.
Imagine this...

You MASTER these sales playbooks and skills. You get REALLY good at them.

As a result... you're closing more deals faster. And with repeatable consistency.

The commission on each deal?

Thousands of dollars. Maybe tens of thousands. Over a lifetime... we're talking about hundreds of thousands in income you wouldn't have earned otherwise. Now think about the price of this subscription...

$99 a month. $3 per day.

A drop in the bucket.

"No one ever went broke investing in their skills."

Your call.
How long will it take to see results?
If you APPLY what you learn, you'll see a noticeable difference as soon as this MONTH.

Customers tell us that our courses are the most actionable sales training they have seen. This isn't about knowledge.

It's about RESULTS.
How long will it take to see results?
If you APPLY what you learn, you'll see a noticeable difference as soon as this MONTH. Customers tell us that our courses are the most actionable sales training they have seen. This isn't about knowledge. It's about RESULTS.
How is this different than other sales training courses in general?
What separates courses from other sales training is three things:

1. They are the most tactical, action-oriented sales courses in the world. That's not our opinion, that's what thousands of customers tell us! We don't focus on 'triangles, diagrams, and theories.' We focus on actionable techniques, tactics, and strategies you can immediately use to close more deals.

2. Precision. We don't try to boil the ocean with any single course and teach too broad of a skill. That makes training generic and too high level. Every course is precise with the skill it aims to build for you. That helps you rapidly accelerate growing your skills (and success).

3. The world's top subject matter expert for each given topic. We work with dozens of course authors and subject matter expertise, and we find the best one possible to teach each topic. That means there are no "jack of all trades" courses. Each topic is taught be the best of the best for that specific topic.

It's all based on 'in the trenches' experience. Most sales training content is either created by sales trainers who haven't closed deals in 20 years, or content marketers who have (literally) NEVER closed deals.
I’ve already tried a bunch of stuff – how is this different?
I love this question because what you're really asking 'will this time be different?'

You might even be wondering if YOU can 'pull off' the techniques in these courses.

Valid concern!

Look, before I give you MY answer, know this: Almost EVERY sales professional that has signed up for ANY of our courses THOUGHT THE EXACT SAME THING.

And yet... this time WAS DIFFERENT. Thousands of our customers are telling us that. Just look at all the success stories. There are too many to count.

Each course is based on PROVEN techniques that help you close more deals faster. Guaranteed or your money back.
Can I expense this?
Ask your boss!

Most likely, you can. Especially because we offer professional certificates when you complete each course.

Most companies give their people education stipends.

We price our courses to be affordable enough for you to some or all of your stipend on them.

Plus... all of our courses come with a certificate of completion when you're done. Most companies will let you expense a course if it comes with a certificate.
What if for any reason I don’t like the course?
You can cancel your subscription at any time.
Ok I'm in. How do I get started?
Hit one of the buttons that says "Become a Platinum Passport Member."

On the next page, complete your payment information. From there, you'll get instant access to your subscription: all courses, modules, lessons, and exercises.

Just imagine...The repeatable playbooks for deal-closing tech sales are within 60 seconds of your grasp.

You're one step away from turbocharging your sales success... and growing your income, revenue, and attainment at breakneck speed.

See you inside!
How does the monthly subscription work?
For $99 a month, you’ll receive access to the ENTIRE course catalog, as well as access to every new course we release. In addition, you’ll receive monthly access to our exclusive Skillstacker Online Community. Cancel anytime. Cancellations will take effect the following month and will not be prorated. 
Is there an annual option? 
Yes! We also offer an annual subscription to Platinum Passport for a 20% savings. Reap all the same benefits for $997 and save 20% off if you purchase for the entire year. Annual Platinum Passport members will also receive access to the exclusive Skillstacker Online community and a variety of exclusive annual subscriber bonuses and benefits.

What you really get out of this

Upskill your team on precise skills like quantifying pain, writing business cases, multi-threading, creating champions, and literally hundreds of “long tail” exact skills.

Address every role, topic, and skill-level with precision.

No more one-size-fits all. The discovery training your junior AEs need is completely different than what your enterprise reps need. And an enterprise rep selling PLG needs different skills than one going top-down. That’s what we mean by precision.

Curate exact skill paths to take your teams to the next level.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for tech revenue skills. Teams are made up of beginners, gurus, and everything in between. Build custom learning programs that take to the next level, one “level up” at a time.

Learn by doing with hands-on exercises and projects.

Turn knowledge into revenue-generating skills with hands-on learning. Interactive exercises, projects, and live application move you closer to higher win rates, greater quota participation, and more revenue.

Personalized skill development for each unique individual.

Every individual has different skill gaps, different skill levels, and different challenges. Curate the exact skill building program that takes each person to THEIR next level.

Upskill and reskill new hires and new promotions

Integrate carefully-curated learning programs into your existing onboarding program. Build promotion-readiness paths that prepare your people to crush their next role.

Transform your frontline managers into top producing leaders.

It’s not just reps. Everything rises and falls on your management layer. Yet, most managers are either first-time leaders, or haven’t received sales management training. Build the skill capacity of your frontline team, and watch the compounding ripple effects grow your revenue.

Ready to Reinvent Your Skills?

Stay on the cutting edge. Sell through changing market conditions. Vastly exceed your OTE.



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