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Online Courses From Top 1% Sales Practitioners

Advanced Discovery | Demos That Sell | Selling With Champions | Executive Conversations | Competitive Deals | Email Copywriting | Outbound Prospecting | Dozens More Skills
Proven. Top-rated courses by top sales practitioners.
Personalized. Curated courses based on org and individual skill gaps.
Modern. No outdated, stodgy old school sales training.
Engaging. Magnetically-interesting courses based on proven learning models.
Digital-first. Remote-friendly, self-paced learning.
Featured Course Authors Include:
Chris Orlob
SaaS Discovery and Demos
Jamal Reimer
Selling to Power
Nate Nasralla
Selling with Champions
Melissa Gaglione
Video Prospecting
Jody Geiger
Managing Conflict for Managers
Rachel Shi
Winning Without Discounts
Florin Tatulea
Outbound Email Copywriting
Luciano Scale
Elite Productivity for AEs
Kevin Gaither
Hiring Early-Career Sellers
Mystery CRO
Sales Management Mastery
I've been through a lot of discovery trainings in my career, and this is easily at the top. The best part is how immediately actionable it is. My reps walked away with exact questions, tactics, and techniques they used to improve their next sales calls.
Brian McCarthy
Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Gloat
We trained our teams on Discovery Masterclass, and we're already seeing an increase in opp conversion rates. Several reps said this was the most actionable sales training they've ever done.
Alex Moffitt
Global Technical Sales Manager, Fusion 360 at Autodesk
Finished my quarter at 152%. Just wanted to send you a thank you note for the training and content. I finished my quarter at 152% and my half at 104% largely due to your teachings and learning from your experiences.
Jasi Johnson
Account Director at LinkedIn
Best disco course - I'm seeing a ton of progress on my team - especially the Cause Analysis and Negative Implications - the problems we are talking about with prospects went from leads/pipeline to CAC, Attrition, etc so it's been huge getting higher in the org
Griffin Casey
Sales Manager at Drift

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10 Proven Scripts, Questions and Talk Tracks to Turn Discovery Calls Into Customers.

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