Jessica Hartsell
"Chris’s discovery training is informative, prescriptive, and digestible. They had an immediate impact on my customer conversations and deals and gave me confidence that I understood the true root cause of my customer’s challenges."
Eric Johnson
"Very practical, actionable, down to the exact steps and questions to ask to build urgency and deal-closing pain. The Negative Impact lesson by itself is worth its weight in gold. I like the way Chris goes straight to techniques you can use immediately without a bunch of fluff. He knows SaaS sales REALLY well and shares everything he knows."
Oliver Bailey
“I watched SaaS Discovery Masterclass from start to end. For anyone considering it, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It provides a fantastic structure for great SaaS discovery. Plus, specific, word-for-word questions that help you uncover the business problem a customer is trying to solve. The techniques help you find problems that customers are willing to fund, and create urgency by opening your client’s eyes to the full scope of their problem."
Serhii Trifonov
"I learned an enormous amount about how to win competitive SaaS deals in this online course. Chris breaks down the course into three logical sections: rig the buying criteria, rig the buying process, and rig the buying committee. Each section is packed with useful techniques that prevent you from losing deals to cheap competitors. Cannot recommend this course enough."
Lauren Frilling
"Chris is great at taking complex topics and boiling them down into understandable and actionable strategies. I've always enjoyed how Chris leads with personal anecdotes and metaphors that helped me better relate to any topics that were covered. Chris is thoughtful in his approach to SaaS sales trainings and it is evident by the incredible performance results of anyone who has ever had the privilege of selling under his leadership!”
EJ Eitel
"Packed with techniques, reusable frameworks, examples"
"Running SaaS demos is the least-trained area of SaaS sales. There’s no shortage of content on discovery, prospecting, and negotiation. But where do you learn to absolutely crush your SaaS demos? Thank God for this course. It’s packed with techniques, reusable frameworks, examples, and even live role plays to close more SaaS deals"
Ryan Topal
"I can't recommend Chris' content enough - my team listened to his course on negative impact and I'm confident it was the best use of our time all week. He shares great concepts that are necessary to be successful in sales at any time but especially now and makes it easy to take what you learned immediately onto your next call. Thank you!"
Stephanie Kramer
“Chris’ discovery trainings are so clear and practical that you only need a few days to start and apply all of the techniques. And you see results in your deals (and commission checks!) fast. His lesson on Negative Impact is 30 minutes of gold. Seriously the best training I've ever been through. I find myself walking into customer meetings confident and knowing exactly what to ask to set my deal up for success.”
Travis Webb
"I learned and retained more from Chris’s discovery course than any other sales training in my career. Chris’s ability to take a complex process like discovery, and boil it down to simple and actionable steps, is second to none. I feel infinitely more comfortable running discovery after Chris’ training, and my quota attainment reflects that. Couldn’t recommend this course enough."

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Cheston Newhall
"Chris' sales courses are in the top 1% of available content. It's engaging, concise, and actionable. In addition, you know with Chris' track record and radical curiosity that he's field-tested and researched his course's material. I wish I had this material available to me when I was starting my sales career. Now, I'll be recommending it to quota-carrying new hires and colleagues."
Mark Baskin
"Epic course. Too many sales courses are too high level, way too complex and take days to complete without walking away with any concrete tactics you can use right away. Chris's course is completely tactical and doesn't just explain the concepts in a super easy-to-understand manner but actually walks you through how to execute them, how to ask the right questions, and what questions you should be asking. Highly recommend."
Neil Gandhi
"My businesses only became profitable because of the courses you've taught. Everything from your youtube videos to the SaaS Discovery Masterclass has turned me from a shy software engineer to a sales professional that can close deals. Thank you so much. And I'm excited to hear more about this new co you're building!."
Jason Kennedy
"Chris - I've been really enjoying your SaaS classes. I have a SaaS company and we had been struggling with our sales processes. We've begun applying your concepts and are really starting to see results!"
Griffin Casey
"Hey Chris - just wanted to give you props on the disco course - I'm training my team after taking it and seeing a ton of progress - especially the Cause Analysis and Negative Implications - the problems we are talking about with prospects went from leads/pipeline to CAC, Attrition, etc so it's been huge getting higher in the org"
Lauren Wesley
"Watching Chris' courses is watching someone do what he was meant to do. His courses are impactful, entertaining, and they get results. Once I implemented what he taught my deals got bigger and closed faster. I’ve been in sales for 15 years and have done a lot of sales training. Chris' discovery course is one of the best. Results came quickly when I implemented what I learned. And, that makes sales fun! Thank you, Chris!"
Will Tagg
Chris’ courses are one of the few sales curriculums that have led to a meaningful difference in my skill set, performance and overall attainment. Prior to this, deals would too often stall or lose momentum. The training material around deep discovery has elevated my ability to identify mission-critical problems. This has paid massive dividends in the form of more consistent Enterprise deals.
Dan Woodhead
"Chris is one of the best coaches I’ve come across in 20 years of selling. He offers thoughtful and actionable advice that is clear, concise, and impactful. His approach to asking “negative impact questions” has been a game-changer for my discovery calls, helping me drive urgency, uncover quantifiable business pain, and win more business. Whether you’re new to SaaS sales, or you’re experienced, I highly recommend taking his courses. Your commission checks will thank you!


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Sam Geno
"Discovery, in my opinion, is the most crucial component of a salesperson’s process. Through Chris’s training and guidance, I was able to get the keys to unlocking doors I didn't realize I was missing. As a result of his training, I had the best year in sales I've ever had."
Arash Almasi
"Chris has an innate ability to break down complex sales concepts into simple (but not easy) tactical steps that are as equally impactful for a new SDR as they are for a veteran sales leader. True enterprise sellers elevate discovery from a surface-level 'check-the-box' inquisition into a value add consultation. This course helps build the business acumen, deep domain expertise, and passion for problem-solving needed to make that transition - which makes Chris the Peloton instructor for your commission check."
Gretchen Reynolds
"In the world of SaaS sales, we know that discovery is ongoing throughout every stage of a sales cycle. Chris’s approach to mastering discovery is the golden ticket to understanding a client’s true pain (by “peeling back the layers of the onion”), quantifying the impact, and doing it in a natural way. His discovery trainings have helped me as an AE confidently have conversations around quantifiable impact, leading me to win opportunities I would have otherwise missed. If Chris is teaching it, I’m taking it."
Adam Jay
"I am shocked at how great this course was. There are over 20 competitive selling techniques in this course, and it feels like I stumbled on a treasure chest. Seriously. As a sales leader, my team has I’ve never been more in control of competitive deals; even in the face of low-priced competitors.”
Ellie LaRue
"The discovery masterclass not only helped me feel confident asking the right questions but also helped our customers feel like our time spent together was effective. As I improved my discovery, my customers' benefited because I fostered a genuine curiosity about their problems, the impact of those problems, and the value for them in solving it."
Miriam O'Donnell
"Chris' discovery trainings are unmatched. After years of careful study, he manages to simplify everything to the exact tactical steps needed to reach mutually agreed-upon client priorities. His approach helps me assess real challenges my clients see in their business, all without losing my own style. Easily the most effective training I've received in my sales career."
Nathan Easom
"There are a few leaders who have shaped me as a sales pro - Chris is one of them. But based on "learnings per minute", Chris is by far number 1. He is a fountain of insight and a true enabler - he won't tell you something before fully exhausting the room's ability to find the answer. His approach to discovery led me to start asking questions I would never have thought - or dared - to ask. And I know WHY I'm asking and how to best phrase questions for maximum impact. I will continue to actively seek out his content."
Jefferson Mangus
"I have been to six President's Clubs since 2015 and I can easily say Chris has helped me continue to achieve this success through his thought-provoking discovery training. Each time I use these techniques, my prospects respond with, "well that is a great question" and then open up loads of discovery. It feels like a Harvard Business School class. I close more deals because of these lessons."
Kevin Quigley
"Chris does an exceptional job of unpacking the importance of each pillar he address in discovery. It's clear that he has not only had first-hand experience as a rep, but also as a sales leader. I'm most excited to fine tune my approach to 'negative impact' as I see that as a missing piece in so many deals today. Pumped to see what Chris comes out with next."
Vidit Baxi
"Hi Chris, I just did your SaaS discovery master class course last week. It's amazing, thank you for putting together such great content in simple words. The team here at Safe Security absolutely loved it."
Jenny Vandine Mendoza
"This course is powerful. I’d like to think of myself as process driven, and this helps me makes sense of how every piece in discovery fits together. I LOOOOVE how you manage to synthesize so much powerful questioning in a simple way. I would have asked 3-4 questions before for every one question you teach to gather the same outcome and answers."
Levi Deeney
"I can't recommend this enough to anyone who might be on the edge of considering this program. Even after just the first video I was left in awe and so many ideas I am going to implement on my next discovery calls. Chris had me rethinking everything from how I structure my calls, to the order of asking questions, and position the call to my favor. I've seen a lot of sales leaders break down discovery, but Chris takes it to a whole other level. 100% recommend."
Joey Szwec
"It can be really hard to make a decision in terms of what to invest in for professional development. After seeing some of Chris Orlob's content on LinkedIn I stumbled across his Discovery Masterclass. It's a gold mine. My favorite part about it is he not only tells you why you should do something, but gives you examples of how to do it live. Great course. Easily digestible. Happy customer 🙂"
Dee Acosta
"Discovery is the hardest, and arguably the most important part of sales, especially in a down economy. While you can script questions - understanding the meanings of the words and the motivations behind them makes the difference between a win and a loss. Chris' SaaS Discovery Master Class only provides practical advice and examples that you can start using immediately. It helped me start drilling down again, put a process in place for pains and reframing, and salvage deals in a tough Q32022."
Tom Alaimo
"15 NEW strategies for competitive deals"
"I got tired of my competitors offering 50% of my price and undercutting me at the end of sales cycles and knew I needed help. This course absolutely blew me away. There were at least 15 new strategies I learned that I can bring into my sales role. Being in a super competitive market, I feel like this course is going to bring my sales career to the next level."
Luciano Scala
"My competitors don't stand a chance anymore..."
"I feel like I can RUN CIRCLES around my competitors now. Seriously. I had no idea there were so many tactics and strategies to win competitive SaaS deals. They don't stand a chance anymore. It's almost unfair. PLUS, I can win at the prices I want. Even when they undercut me on price."
Lorraine Pettit
"This is the fastest way to get moving!"
"There's nothing like learning from someone who has seen it all AND bottled up those learnings for the rest of us. Chris's almost surgical approach to sales will leave you bulletproof for that next call and rethinking all the ones before - in the best way! If you care about your sales growth or are helping someone else level up their own, this is the fastest way to get moving!"


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