Tired of hearing your AEs run weak discovery calls?

Put that behind you and skyrocket their selling skills.

In six live virtual training sessions, your sales team will learn to build business pain that MONEY follows, create repeatable urgency, and SELL in an economic meltdown.

Sales leaders and AEs around the globe are raving.

Here’s what they’re saying:
I've been through a lot of discovery trainings in my career, and this is easily at the top. The best part is how immediately actionable it is. My reps walked away with exact questions, tactics, and techniques they used to improve their next sales calls.
Brian McCarthy
Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Gloat
We trained our teams on Discovery Masterclass, and we're already seeing an increase in opp conversion rates. Several reps said this was the most actionable sales training they've ever done.
Alex Moffitt
Global Technical Sales Manager, Fusion 360 at Autodesk
Finished my quarter at 152%. Just wanted to send you a thank you note for the training and content. I finished my quarter at 152% and my half at 104% largely due to your teachings and learning from your experiences.
Jasi Johnson
Account Director at LinkedIn
Best disco course - I'm seeing a ton of progress on my team - especially the Cause Analysis and Negative Implications - the problems we are talking about with prospects went from leads/pipeline to CAC, Attrition, etc so it's been huge getting higher in the org
Griffin Casey
Sales Manager at Drift

Weak discovery skills DEVASTATE your close rates and revenue growth.

Deals stall out, go dark, and die.
Weak business pain means deals are destined to slip from the forecast, month after month.
Reps sell low and can’t get to power.
No pain? No champion. No champion? No access to power. Simple.
Finance grinds you down on price.
CFOs don’t give you the time of day and procurement puts you in a bake off.

Imagine Your Reps Building Business pain

and Quantifying the Value.

…On every discovery call.

Say goodbye to…

An economic meltdown wreaking havoc on your close rates and ‘deal slippage’

Say hello to…

The pclub.io SaaS Discovery Masterclass LIVE
Build business pain that money follows.Create repeatable urgency. Close more SaaS deals.
Expert sales trainers with operating experience.

Our certified sales trainers are trained by Chris Orlob and know how to deliver. They’ll keep your team engaged and will drive KEY lessons deep into the psyche of each of your reps. 

Six ‘extremely actionable’ virtual sessions.

A six-session curriculum proven (with over 3,000+ SaaS sellers) to take your team’s discovery skills to the next level. Each session builds on the last, creating compounding effects on skill acquisition.

Based on growing Gong from $200k to $200M.

These discovery techniques come from the trenches. Chris Orlob created this framework as he helped grow Gong from $200k to $200M ARR and a $7.2B valuation, leading the #1 producing team.

The most actionable sales training we’ve ever done.
Alex Moffitt
Sales Leader

Reap the Rewards of Better Discovery Skills

Improve your close rates.
Money follows pain. Teach your reps to Find it. Build it. Quantify it. Bank it.
Drive urgency and velocity.
Stop deals from stalling out. Build negative impact and cost of inaction.
Sell through a recession.
Latch onto exec priorities that have staying power and energy, despite a tough economy.

Here’s Exactly What You Get

How to find (and build) business pain that MONEY follows
Your reps will learn an exact framework and set of questions that help them find the right business pain to ‘anchor’ the deal to. They’ll learn to peel back the onion, ‘understand the need behind the need,’ and kick off the pain quantification process.
Rig the deal in your favor with ‘cause analysis’
Write this down: the cause of a problem dictates the solution customers buy. If your car broke down, what would you buy to fix it? Depends on what caused it! Your reps will learn to surface your customer’s perceived root causes… and then influence those perceptions in YOUR product’s favor.
Live ‘office hours’ and Q&A session
Phew! You’ve learned a lot so far. Before you continue learning more, you’ll ‘pause’ the content sessions with a 60 minute ‘office hours’ session with your expert sales trainer. Your reps will get the opportunity to ask questions and have discussions that lead to rich insights and a compounded understanding of the techniques.
How to create urgency with ‘negative impact’
Pain is one thing. Business pain that MONEY follows is another entirely. Your reps will learn expert (and natural) techniques to help your buyers realize and appreciate the negative consequences of their problems. The better you do this, the more urgency, deal size, and access to power you get.
How to build ‘vision’ and influence the buying process
Now that you’ve built pain and urgency, it’s time to sell. Or more accurately, get your buyers to sell themselves. Your reps will learn to ask questions that create a buyer vision that includes purchasing your product. Plus, how to understand, lead, and influence the buying process.
Closing live ‘office hours’ and Q&A session
You made it to the end, and your reps have a transformed skill set that will soup up their discovery calls. They’ll get one more opportunity to deepen their understanding of the techniques with one more live Q&A and office hours session.

Here’s How SaaS Discovery Masterclass LIVE Is Different Than Any Other Sales Training

Actionable and tactical.
Our customers consistently tell us this is the tactical and immediately actionable sales training they’ve received in their careers.
Built by SaaS sales leaders.
You’ll learn the exact 5-step framework Chris Orlob used to grow Gong from $200k to $200M ARR, leading the #1 producing team along the way.
Easy to remember and use.
No weird or lengthy acronyms or complex decision trees. Just a simple five-step process proven to close more SaaS deals.

Go from ‘meh’ to ‘GREAT’ discovery calls for $25,000

Here’s What To Do Next
To save you (and us) time, we let you know our pricing upfront. We charge a $25,000 one-time fee for this six-session training engagement to upskill your team. If your eyes bulged a little, try quantifying the pain of bad discovery calls :)
Still with us? We have limited spots and a fast-filling training calendar. Click the button below to talk to us and claim your spot ASAP
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Profile picture of Alex Moffitt

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