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5 Best Account Executive Training Programs & Courses

Sales Training
Chris Orlob
December 14, 2023

What do B2B account executives do?

The B2B account executive (also known as AE) focuses on closing deals and managing client relationships. At startups, “full-cycle” AEs are responsible for managing the sales pipeline from prospecting to close.

Some sales teams have SDRs handling the lead generation and prospecting stages exclusively. However, the account executive can also take control of one or more tasks in those stages (with support from the SDR) while reporting to the sales manager. 

Generally, the account executives' performance is measured according to revenue generation and closed deals. However, because their role can involve activities from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel, they can be measured by several of the following KPIs:

  • Calls per opportunity: The number of calls an Account Executive requires to create an opportunity. Generally, lower figures indicate that the rep has high efficiency in utilizing their calls, which requires top-notch cold-calling mastery
  • Activity-to-Opportunity Ratio: The total number of activities (including calls) an AE performs to create an opportunity. 
  • Pipeline Coverage: The number of pipelines the AE has, compared to the remaining quota. 
  • Quota Attainment: This metric measures the AE’s ability to create valuable opportunities and convert them into closed deals. Running sales demos that win deals is crucial to attaining a quota. 

To achieve those KPIs, Account Executives typically engage in the following functions:

  • Prospecting for new clients.
  • Business development and administration
  • Qualifying leads
  • Developing sales proposals
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Managing client relationships
  • Upselling and cross-selling to existing clients

The table below shows a detailed description of an Account Executive’s roles and how they compare to the SDR’s role. 

Advanced skills AEs should develop

Aside from excellent communication skills and a fundamental understanding of the SaaS sales process — AEs need advanced skills like strategic thinking, problem-solving, emotional IQ, project management and financial acumen in order to separate from the pack. 

Let’s break a few of these down. 

Strategic thinking: 

Account executives who are strategic thinkers possess advanced business acumen. They understand that each client has dynamic business needs. Every client wants to achieve the same outcomes — either cutting costs or generating more revenue to increase profitability. Strategic AEs reverse engineer the roadmap for making it happen. 


Sales is a problem-solving business. Things like customer relationship management are just means to solve problems effectively. 

A great account executive will have an appetite for solving customer problems. They will deploy analytical thinking, flexibility, and creativity to understand the root causes of problems, proffer effective solutions via demos, generate new business, and ensure long-term collaboration. 

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Project management:

More than half the time, AEs are researching, prospecting, crafting proposals, analyzing CRM data, and coaching to ensure everything falls in order.  

As a result, AE’s must be able to prioritize tasks with existing accounts, use automation to save time, manage deadlines, and delegate effectively.

Business Development:

AEs at startups, who might also be known as a founding Account Executive, must also be able to identify and target clients with outbound prospecting. 

College Degrees Aren’t Necessary:

Some account executives have bachelor’s degrees in business administration, marketing and other related fields. Senior account executives can study as far as the master’s degree — but heading into 2024, a college degree is no longer necessary to become successful in sales. 

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Why is account executive training important?

Every sales role requires constant training, especially when companies are cutting budgets, merging roles, and most sales reps are struggling to hit their quota. 

For Account Executives, training is even more critical because SaaS companies are becoming less reliant on the role.

The latest SaaS AE Metrics & Compensation Report reports two disturbing findings for AEs:

  1. High-growth companies are less likely to rely on AE’s for either expansion or renewal. This might suggest that companies are exploring alternative methods or channels for upselling, cross-selling, or growing revenue within their current customer base. 
  2. There’s been an increased attrition among AEs, with more turnover in 2023 than any other year. This data suggests decreased job satisfaction among SaaS account executives. 

The key point is that AEs must now consider constant upskilling, especially in areas of the sales process that only human intelligence can execute. 

We often recommend a complete AE training that covers all the advanced selling skills that make an AE indispensable such as Unlock The Level Up – where Sean Gentry unveils how he trained 100+ AEs that helped him grow SaaS businesses 10x in ARR. 

The techniques include the top-secret diagnostic coaching method he uses to skyrocket AE attainment while at Webflow, Outreach, and Zillow.

Ready to level up? Unlock The Level Up 🔥

Account Executive training should cover the following areas:

  • The sales process optimization
  • Client relationship management
  • Negotiation training
  • Presentation skills
  • Sales strategies

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How can sales managers encourage training & upskilling for their reps?

Sales managers can facilitate standardized AE training across their sales organization by leveraging a corporate training platform to conduct role playing exercises, upload sales training webinars, share sales enablement collateral and competitive intelligence. 

New Account Executives will need a lot of coaching and feedback in order to understand their unique strengths and weaknesses.

By collectively identifying areas of improvement, sales managers can then encourage AEs to upskill in the following ways:

  1. Enroll the AE into a specialized Account Executive specific skill training courses such as identifying deal champions or selling to c-level executives
  2. Engage AEs in role-playing and practical training scenarios, like sales demo training
  3. Provide regular, constructive, and actionable feedback on AEs’ performance.
  4. Work with their AEs to set and track goals for their skill development.
  5. Create a positive work environment where AEs feel comfortable asking for help and feedback.

Top 5 Account Executive Training Programs

1. Pclub’s Online Courses for Account Executives

At Pclub, all our SaaS sales training programs are led by the top 1% of sales leaders worldwide. 

Account executive who wants to level up their skills have three options:

  1. You can enroll in one of the three online training tracks specifically designed for AEs. 
  2. You can enroll in task-specific courses for account executives, such as SaaS discovery masterclass and how to sell with champions.
  3. You can sign up for our 6-day intensive sales training bootcamp, where Chris Orlob and a host of top sellers help you level up your selling game with a specialized training track. 

Options 1 and 2 require the Platinum Passport, which grants you access to each course. 

The third option requires a Business Plan, which unlocks everything in the platinum passport, as well as the following: 

  • A 6-day sales training boot camp with a customized skill development program for you.
  • Modern training from the top 1% of sales practitioners.
  • Proven skill transition programs.

Full-Cycle Account Executive Management Training

Unlock The Level-Up and Skill Coaching for AEs and Managers are role-specific sales training programs designed specifically for Account Executives.

The trainer, Sean Gentry, is Sr. Manager of Corporate Sales at Webflow and a former sales leader at Outreach and Zillow. 

But he’s more than just the experience. 

Sean is passionate about manager enablement and is on a mission to close the biggest gap in sales training today. 

Here’s what you’ll learn from him:

  • You’ll learn how to inspire better sales performance from your frontline sales team with the issue diagnosis system he uses to uncover the root causes of rep’s performance issues. 
  • You’ll understand how to initiate performance-based coaching for sales representatives by understanding the correct behavior metrics you should track when reps are speaking with customers. 
  • You'll learn how to initiate positive behavioral changes that improve reps' performance and make them STICK.

These managerial capacities will ensure that while you’re succeeding in customer-facing roles, you’re equally developing the skill set crucial for your next career in sales leadership. 

Master Tested Outbound Techniques That Predictably Attract Leads

Whether you’re selling to C-level or more senior decision makers, these outbound training sessions are not just pretty theories and rehashed best-sellers.

Conquer The Cold Call & Cold Email Conversion Machine are packed with highly effective outbound sales techniques that AEs swear by. 

Here’s proof:

More proof: 

Trent is VP of Sales at D&D Wholesale Supply – one of the oldest pharmaceutical and medical supplies distributors in the world. Formerly, he led sales at Qualtrics, where he generated $1.54 million in net new ARR over 9 quarters as an AE.

Florin is the Director of Sales at Barley, LinkedIn's Top Voice in Sales, and the guy who personally booked 100 meetings and generated $3M in pipeline (from $0) in six months FLAT.

Here’s how their outbound sales training will help you level up AE sales skills:

  • You’ll unlearn common cold-calling openers that instantly put your prospect on the defensive.
  • You’ll listen to 8 real-life cold call recordings to know what a GOOD cold call looks like– cadence, tonality, pacing, objection handling, etc. 
  • You’ll get exclusive access to the proven framework for keeping yourself accountable and "winning the day."
  • You’ll unlock the power of cold email storytelling with a timeless, repeatable set of "story structures."
  • You’ll master the secret multi-channel outbound sales outreach sequence that instantly ranks you above your peers by decades of experience. 

Ready to level up your cold outreach game with Trent and Florin? Get Instant Access

You’ll Learn How To Run Discovery and Demos Destined To Close Deals (+ How To Easily Achieve That With a Power Partner)

Increasing your average selling price is among the best ways to keep your name on the leaderboard. But you can only achieve that if you know how to identify leads and convert them. 

Here’s how Chris Orlob & Nate Nasralla will help you do exactly that:

  • Learn the best discovery techniques to qualify leads in Chris Orlob’s SaaS Discovery Masterclass. Chris Orlob will show you how great Account Executives build business pain that money follows, create urgency from thin air, and SEll in an economic meltdown. Sales professionals in companies like LinkedIn are cracking numbers with this course. 
  • Learn how to transform your prospect into your ‘power partner’, a sales champion that will run through brick walls to get your deal approved. In Selling With Champions, Nate Nasralla will show you how to create sales evangelists (not Trojan Horse) to help you close bigger deals faster without getting ghosted.
  • In Win The Demo, Chris Orlob will give away the SaaS demo system he has used to close $100,000,000 worth of SaaS so you can stop running SaaS demos that get “no decision.”
  • Finally, Rig The Game will show you the secret technique to make customers say “Yes” to your product (even before you ask) by rigging their buying conditions in your favor. 

Unlock now and WIN a $1,250 group coaching ticket for FREE. 

Want a Personalized and Hands-On Account Executive Coaching? 

Sign up for our 6-day intensive workshop where Chris Orlob and other sales leaders will provide customized skill development programs for you. 

This boot camp also unlocks all Pclub courses + free weekly ongoing learning so you get all the business development and sales management skills you need. 

2. Certified Sales Executive Training by SMEI 

The Certified Sales Executive training program is a sales management certification for account executives, sales account managers, and sales leaders. 

The Sales and Marketing Executives International offers the training. The purpose of the training is to prepare sales reps for full-time account executive jobs without a bachelor’s degree. 

Why it’s great for account executives.

The accreditation program provides a comprehensive 3-part account executive training session.

  • Part 1 (Leading as a salesperson) covers the selling process from lead generation to implementation/follow-up. 
  • Part 2 (Leading as a sales manager) covers recruiting, training, managing, and goal setting for account executives.
  • Part 3 (Leading as a sales executive) covers how to manage sales technology, design and organize the salesforce, and leverage culture as a sales leader.  

The delivery method

Each module is available in pre-recorded video content, module quizzes, and final exams. 

Who’s your trainer?

The online video courses are delivered by certified SMEI trainers. 

What’s the pricing?

Each module costs $300

3. Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

This program is supported by the UK  government as part of the initiative to provide technical education and work experience to residents through apprenticeship. 

Trainees would earn a certification equivalent to a high school degree, which serves as a qualification to take full-time account executive jobs. 

Why it’s great for account executives.

The Sales Executive Apprenticeship program is an 18-month hands-on training for sales executives. The program provides an end-to-end sales experience through interaction with customers and managing sales internally within an organization. 

You will learn:

  • Sales planning
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Sales proposal development
  • negotiation

The delivery method

The apprenticeship program is delivered in person inside the apprentice’s placement organization. 

Who’s your trainer?

Trainers include inside sales executives. 

What’s the pricing?

The training can cost over 6,000 GBP which can be subsidized by the UK government if you meet certain conditions. 

4. RAIN Group

RAIN Group’s Strategic Account Management program introduces a proven process for strategic account planning that helps account managers systematically review and grow their most important accounts.

Why it’s great for account executives.

This course is best for account executives who want to learn the advanced and theoretical areas of sales planning, customer engagement, and business development.  

It covers areas like:

  • Key account growth strategies
  • Analyzing stakeholders and decision-making
  • Incorporating account mission and KPIs

The delivery method

The course is delivered through onsite and virtual instructor-led training. 

Who’s your trainer?

RAIN group’s certified sales trainers. 

What’s the pricing?

Available on request. 

5. Winning By Design

Winning By Design is a sales training program that focuses on designing repeatable, scalable sales processes to help businesses grow consistently. 

Why it’s great for account executives.

Their training includes a mix of strategy development, skill-based training, and hands-on coaching. 

They also emphasize the importance of customer success and aligning sales strategies with customer needs and goals.

The delivery method

8 to 10 hours of interactive live courses taken 2 hours per week. 

Who’s your trainer?

This course is led by trainers certified in the Winning By Design methodology.

What’s the pricing?

Available on request

How to choose the right account executive training program

Consider your budget 

Account executive training programs can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

The curriculum

Look for a program covering the most important topics to your current sales needs. For example, if your close rates are low, find a program that specializes in that.

Trainer’s experience

Choose a program that is taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Even better to consider a program with a host of trainers from diverse sales backgrounds. 

Consider the learning method

Make sure the program offers a flexible learning format that fits your schedule.

Training review 

Read reviews from other students to get their feedback on the program.

Hands-on Training and Continuous Learning

Look for a program that offers hands-on training and opportunities to practice your skills in a real-world setting. Pclub trainees on the business plan get weekly meet-ups with sales leaders. 

Why top-performing account executives go with Pclub.

At Pclub, our training is designed to provide Account Executives (AEs) with a holistic skill set that encompasses both fundamental and advanced expertise.

Led by the top 0.01% of sales leaders, we offer customized mentorship and training solutions that ensure a robust foundation for success.

This includes specialized tracks that empower AEs to immediately apply their acquired skills. Whether it's mastering managerial and leadership abilities or excelling in customer-facing roles like prospecting and delivering compelling demos, our training caters to diverse needs.

The efficacy of our courses is evident in the remarkable growth and success experienced by numerous sales managers and AEs who have benefited from our programs.

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