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9 Best Sales Training Programs to Boost Sales Performance in a Tough Economy

Sales Training
Chris Orlob
July 17, 2023

The difference between an average and a top performing sales team often comes down to one critical factor: sales training.

High-quality sales training programs are a strategic necessity that can equip your team with the skill set, methodologies, and confidence to outperform the competition and drive business success.

The best sales training programs can serve as a catalyst for sales teams, supercharging their effectiveness by honing their selling skills and deepening their understanding of the sales process. 

Such programs provide a structured approach to learning, with clear objectives and real-world applicability.

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Main Types of Sales Training

Each type of sales training can contribute significantly to a sales rep's performance and the overall success of a sales team. The choice of training would depend on the specific needs and objectives of the sales organization.

  1. Product Training: This type of training focuses on the product or service being sold. It includes understanding the product features, benefits, usage, and how it compares to competitors' offerings. For example, if you’re an AE at Salesforce, you need to become an expert at the Salesforce product — this is a no-brainer. 
  2. Sales Skills Training: This involves developing essential skill sets needed in sales — such as cold calling, prospecting, negotiation, closing techniques, objection handling, in-person selling, and relationship building. 
  3. Sales Process Training: This focuses on the steps and strategies involved in your specific sales process. From initial contact to closing the deal and post-sales follow-up, this training equips sales reps with a clear roadmap to guide their sales activities.
  4. CRM Training: CRM training teaches sales reps how to effectively use the CRM software. It can help them to track interactions with prospects, manage customer relationships, analyze sales data, and forecast sales.
  5. Consultative Selling Training: This type of training involves learning a specific, structured approach to selling, such as SPIN Selling, Solution Selling, or the Challenger Sale. Each methodology has its own principles and techniques, and can be useful in different sales scenarios.
  6. Social Selling Training: This focuses on using social media platforms (like LinkedIn) to find and engage with prospects, build relationships, and close deals. It involves strategies for effective networking, content sharing, and personal branding online.
  7. Sales Management Training: This is targeted at sales managers and leaders, covering topics like team leadership, sales coaching techniques, performance management, and sales strategy development.
  8. Sales Enablement Training: This type of training aims to equip salespeople with the right resources, tools, and content to sell more effectively. It can include training on using sales enablement platforms, content creation, and sales and marketing alignment.

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9 Best Sales Training Programs Right Now

1. Pclub

Pclub is a premier platform for sales leadership training, offering comprehensive and interactive modules. It’s hosted by Chris Orlob, who shares his 5-step discovery system he used to grow Gong from $200k to $200M in ARR, build a $7.2 billion valuation, and train the #1 sales team to sell through an economic meltdown.

His modules will align with sales trends, cover pivotal aspects such as sales strategy, process, account management, and persuasive communication.

Note: All training is available on-demand. 

Interactive Training and Practical Application

Pclub’s innovative training approach includes instructor-led interactive sessions featuring role-playing exercises to simulate real-world sales scenarios simulations. The intent is to facilitate active discussions, networking, and immediate personalized feedback. 

LinkedIn for Leadership Development

Pclub deploys its best LinkedIn strategies for networking and learning from industry leaders. It motivates learners to actively engage with relevant sales leadership content and share their learning journey.

Pclub's Approach to Sales Enablement

Understanding the need for effective sales enablement, Pclub's training aims to empower sales leaders to guide their teams towards enhanced performance and goal realization.

Whether you’re conducting in-person training sessions with your team or self-paced virtual sessions remotely, Pclub has all the tools and resources you need to produce high-performing President’s Club members.

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2. JB Sales

JB Sales, run by John Barrows, is a sales training platform that is built on the philosophy that sales is one of the greatest professions in the world when done right, but one of the worst when done wrong. This program is dedicated to providing the right tools, techniques, and mindset to ensure sales professionals do it right.

JB Sales is good for sales training for several reasons:

  1. Expertise: The program is run by professionals who have a deep understanding of the sales industry and the challenges that salespeople face. They use this expertise to provide practical, actionable advice.
  2. Practical Approach: The training provided is not just theoretical but focuses on practical application. This ensures that salespeople can immediately apply what they learn to their work.
  3. Holistic Training: John doesn't just focus on techniques and strategies, but also on the mindset necessary for successful sales. This holistic approach ensures that salespeople are well-rounded and prepared for all aspects of the sales process.
  4. Commitment to Excellence: John’s philosophy underscores a commitment to doing sales the right way, which means ethical, customer-focused selling. This commitment to excellence is reflected in all the training provided.

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3. Sales Growth

Sales Growth is the platform for Keenan's sales training company, which aims to change the old ways of selling with his new methodology:

  1. Problem Identification: Keenan's program starts by identifying the symptoms of ineffective sales strategies. This includes inaccurate revenue forecasting, skyrocketing costs of sales and marketing, unclear planning for fulfillment and supply chain, and salespeople missing quotas.
  2. Addressing Root Causes: Keenan's program doesn't just treat the symptoms, it addresses the root causes. This includes implementing firm and consistent qualification criteria that is customer-centric, creating a consistent sales methodology, and structuring value-based sales conversations around the buyer's business problems. This approach ensures that the sales process is not just about selling a product or service, but about understanding and addressing the customer's needs.
  3. Future State Outcomes: Keenan's program is focused on achieving tangible results. The goal is to create a situation where the opportunity to close won is over 50%, sales forecasting has under 15% variance, and over 80% of the sales team makes or exceeds quota. This focus on results ensures that the training is not just theoretical, but has practical applications that can improve the performance of the sales team.
  4. Buyer-Centric Approach: Keenan's program emphasizes a buyer-centric approach rather than a seller-centric one. This means focusing on the buyer's motivation to change, what they are changing, how, when, and the value of change. This approach ensures that the sales process is aligned with the buyer's needs, increasing the likelihood of successful sales.

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4. Digital Sales Collective

The Digital Sales Collective's sales training program, hosted by Mark Kosoglow and Andrew Mewborn, provides the B2B sales playbooks that create billion-dollar startups. Some of their methods include:

  1. Focused Approach: The Digital Sales Collective's program offers focused masterclasses on specific aspects of the sales process. This allows salespeople to develop deep expertise in key areas, such as discovery, which is crucial for understanding customer needs and pain points.
  2. Practical Techniques: This program provides practical techniques that salespeople can immediately apply to their work. For example, the discovery masterclass teaches a 3-step system for clarifying the prospect's pain, challenging their thought process, and disqualifying alternatives. This approach ensures that the training is not just theoretical, but has real-world applications.
  3. Offensive Strategy: Mark and Andrew encourage salespeople to go on the "offense" after discovering the prospect's pain. This proactive approach can help salespeople more effectively address customer needs and close deals.
  4. Cutting Through the Noise: Digital Sales Collective emphasizes the importance of cutting through the "BS" with prospects. This means focusing on the core issues and not getting distracted by irrelevant information. This can help salespeople more effectively identify and address customer needs.

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5. From Demo to Close

From Deal to Close is an online course hyper-focused on increasing deal win rates and ARR for SaaS startups. This virtual course is hosted by Mor Assouline, 3x VP of Sales for early-stage startups who has a track record in scaling ARR and reducing average sales cycles for organizations.

Mor identifies gaps in today’s sales structures — such as loosely defined processes, low engagement outbound strategies, and onboarding that’s not met with consistent sales coaching throughout a rep’s tenure. His online course solves this with:

  • Fractional VP of Sales support
  • Co-Authoring Custom Sales Playbook
  • Deal reviews and sales pipeline coaching
  • GTM Sales Advisory

6. Winning By Design

Winning By Design, built by Jacco van der Kooij, is known for its scientific, process-based approach to sales. They offer on-site and on-demand training, focused on designing repeatable, scalable sales processes that can help businesses grow consistently. 

Their process looks like this:

  1. Diagnose gaps in revenue growth.
  2. Apply a universal methodology around the entire customer journey.
  3. Activate through defined processes and playbooks, and integrate directly into your workflow.
  4. Train reps to unify under one GTM team.
  5. Provide sales teams with ongoing coaching to reach their potential.

This training often includes a mix of strategy development, skill-based training, and hands-on coaching. They also emphasize the importance of customer success and aligning sales strategies with customer needs and goals.

7. Top One Percenter

Top One Percenters sales course, ran by Paul Salamanca and Tom Boccard, has been described as a “gamechanger for sales teams”, by empowering reps to master core sales skills, and truly go above and beyond to provide coaching, feedback, and training on the most important pieces of sales excellence. Some of its standout features include:

  1. Exclusive Network: The Top One Percenter is a private sales network exclusively for members who have graduated from the Top One Percenter Academy. This creates a community of high-performing sales professionals who can learn from each other and share best practices.
  2. Comprehensive Training: The program offers comprehensive training that covers all aspects of the sales process. This includes mastering your mindset, cementing winning habits, building a robust pipeline, and learning advanced sales strategies.
  3. Selective Admission: The program is selective, with potential candidates required to apply online and complete an interview process. This ensures that only the most dedicated and motivated sales professionals are admitted.
  4. Real-World Application: The program emphasizes real-world application, with sales professionals required to successfully complete a private 12-week virtual selling bootcamp in order to become a Top One Percenter member.
  5. Proven Success: The program has been a game changer for many sales teams, with testimonials from sales leaders attesting to its effectiveness. This suggests that the program can deliver real results and help sales professionals improve their performance.
  6. Specialized Academies: The program offers specialized academies, such as the Top of Funnel Academy and the Top Law Academy, that provide focused training on specific aspects of the sales process. This allows sales professionals to develop deep expertise in key areas.

8. SaaSy Sales Leadership

SaaSy Sales Leadership is a good sales leadership training program because it offers a unique approach to sales leadership that is based on the idea of RevenueEQ. 

RevenueEQ is a system that helps sales leaders build world-class teams by focusing on four key areas:

  1. Emotional Intelligence. SaaSy Sales Leadership believes that emotional intelligence is essential for sales leaders. They offer training on how to build strong relationships with your team, how to motivate and inspire them, and how to handle difficult sales conversations.
  2. Sales Process. This program teaches a proven sales process that has been used by some of the most successful SaaS companies in the world. This process will help you close more deals and grow your business.
  3. Leadership Skills. SaaSy Sales Leadership teaches the skills that you need to be an effective leader. They cover topics such as delegation, communication, and conflict resolution.
  4. Personal Development. SaaSy Sales Leadership believes that personal development is essential for sales leaders. They offer training on topics such as mindset, productivity, and time management.

This program is also designed for high-growth organizations. The program covers topics that are relevant to the unique challenges and opportunities of high-growth organizations, such as hiring and onboarding new sales reps, managing a growing sales team, and scaling your sales process.

It is delivered by experienced sales leaders. The instructors at SaaSy Sales Leadership are all experienced sales leaders who have worked at high-growth organizations. They bring their real-world experience to the classroom, which helps participants learn how to apply what they are learning to their own organizations.

It is a hands-on program. The program is not just about learning theory. It is also about learning how to apply what you are learning in the real world. Participants have the opportunity to practice their skills in role-playing exercises and mock sales calls.

9. Earlywork

Earlywork is a top sales training program for new sales reps because it offers a unique approach to sales training that is based on the idea of early engagement. Early engagement is a sales methodology that focuses on building relationships with potential customers early in the sales process. This helps to create trust and rapport, which makes it more likely that the customer will buy from you.

Earlywork's training program is designed to help reps learn how to engage with potential customers early in the sales process. They teach a variety of techniques, including:

  • Cold calling: Cold call effectively with Earlywork. They teach reps how to research potential customers, craft a compelling message, and overcome objections.
  • Email marketing: Earlywork teaches reps how to use email marketing to reach out to potential customers. They teach reps how to write effective emails, segment their lists, and track their results.
  • Social media: Earlywork teaches reps the core fundamentals of social media to engage with potential customers. They teach reps how to create engaging content, build relationships, and drive traffic to their website.

In addition to their training program, Earlywork also offers a variety of other resources to help reps succeed. These resources include:

  • A community of sales professionals: Earlywork has a robust community of salespeople who can provide support and advice. This community is a great place to ask questions, get feedback, and learn from other tech salespeople who’ve been there, done that.
  • A library of sales resources: Earlywork has a library of sales resources, including articles, blog posts, and webinars. These resources can help reps learn new sales techniques, stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and improve their sales skills.

How to Evaluate a Top Sales Training Program

Choosing a sales training program is a critical decision that can significantly influence your sales team's performance and, by extension, your company's bottom line.

However, with the multitude of options available, it can be challenging to identify the best sales training program that suits your team's specific needs. To simplify the selection process, here are some key factors you should consider:

Alignment with Business Goals and Sales Objectives

The best sales training program should be in sync with your company's business goals and sales objectives. Whether you're aiming to increase your customer base, upsell to existing clients, or penetrate new markets, the training should equip your sales team with the necessary skills to achieve these goals.


Every sales team is unique, with different strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. Therefore, a top sales training program should offer the flexibility to be tailored to your team's specific needs. This could mean adjusting the content, methodology, or delivery method to best suit your team's requirements.

Comprehensive Coverage of Sales Fundamentals

While advanced sales strategies are vital, the training should not overlook the importance of sales fundamentals. This includes prospecting, understanding customer needs, crafting compelling sales pitches, negotiation, closing techniques, and after-sales service.

Focus on Real-World Application

The best sales training programs are not purely theoretical; they should provide plenty of opportunities for practical application. This could involve role-playing exercises, simulations, real-world case studies, and opportunities for feedback. These elements help sales reps to apply their knowledge and hone their skills in a controlled environment before interacting with actual customers.

Reinforcement and Follow-up

Learning doesn't stop when the training program ends. A top sales training program should include reinforcement and follow-up mechanisms to ensure that the skills and knowledge gained during the training are effectively retained and applied. This can involve ongoing coaching, refresher courses, or access to resources for self-study.

Measurable Results

Finally, to truly assess the effectiveness of a sales training program, it should deliver measurable results. This could be in the form of increased sales performance, improved customer satisfaction, or enhanced sales skills among your team members.

Recommended Sales Training Techniques to Master the Art of Sales

Navigating through the sea of sales training techniques available online can be a daunting task. Let's simplify it. Before diving into our comprehensive list of the top sales training programs today, let's explore five fundamental techniques that are integral to developing the sales skills of your team, especially the new sales reps on your teams.

Implement Micro-Learning in Your Sales Training Program

Instead of bombarding new sales representatives with a deluge of sales training materials, it's much more effective to break down the sales training into smaller, manageable modules.

This approach, known as micro-learning, allows the sales reps to assimilate information at a comfortable pace.

Although this approach requires a well-planned curriculum and some initial effort, the long-term payoff in terms of enhanced sales performance and retention is well worth it!

Promote Job Shadowing for Practical Insights

People often learn more effectively by observing others. Allow your new sales reps to shadow experienced team members and get a real-world glimpse into the sales process. This practical exposure, combined with ongoing sales training courses, will fill any knowledge gaps and boost their confidence.

Reinforce Theory with Real Success Stories

Theoretical knowledge is vital, but real-life sales success stories truly inspire salespeople. When the sales training courses are complemented with tangible examples of success, it not only makes the learning stick but also motivates the sales reps to replicate that success.

By offering a clear roadmap of do's and don'ts, these success stories can guide sales reps toward achieving their sales goals.

Encourage Hands-on Experience

There's no substitute for hands-on experience when it comes to effective sales training. Reading about sales techniques can provide knowledge, but it's only through actual field training that beginners can apply this knowledge and refine their selling skills. Ensure your sales training program includes plenty of opportunities for real-world practice.

Implore Sales Leaders to Share Insights

Organize monthly sales workshops where your top sales leaders share their strategies and tips. This not only provides valuable knowledge but also fosters a collaborative sales culture.

Encourage the sales reps to apply these insights in their sales calls and sales process. This will not only help them discover their unique selling style but also provide sales managers with insights into their strengths and areas for improvement.

By integrating these five sales training techniques into your program, you'll be well on your way to building a sales team that's equipped to exceed sales targets and deliver outstanding results.

Online Sales Training: The Key to Sales Success

Evidence points to one undeniable truth: the quality of your sales training directly correlates to the performance of your sales team. 

  • A staggering 80% of high-performing sales teams attribute their success to superior training programs.
  • Companies with top-performing sales teams are twice as likely to provide continuous training compared to their underperforming counterparts.
  • Businesses across the US invest over $70 billion annually on sales training, signaling its crucial role in driving growth.
  • Sales professionals who undergo top-notch training programs boast 10% higher win rates.
  • As companies strive to fortify lead qualification, the demand for robust sales development training will surge.

From prospecting and negotiation to closing deals and customer retention, sales training covers the full spectrum of sales competencies. 

Investing in sales training is a strategic decision that will empower your sales team, take their skills to the next level, and ultimately boost your bottom line. No matter the size or sector of your business, a well-trained sales team is the cornerstone of sustained business growth.

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