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7 Best Virtual Sales Coaching Programs & Courses for B2B SaaS

Sales Training
Chris Orlob
February 19, 2024

What is a Virtual Sales Coaching Program?

A virtual sales coaching program is a structured learning program designed to help salespeople receive personalized guidance, mentorship, and support from an experienced sales coach through virtual platforms. 

This is usually set up as one-on-one or group coaching sessions conducted remotely via phone calls, video conferencing, email, or other online platforms. 

In this setup, the process typically involves: 

  • General assessment. The sales coach assesses the individual’s or team’s current sales capabilities to identify areas of improvement. Use cases for sales coaching can be things like improving sales team retention, improving the sales enablement workflow, new hire onboarding or simply helping team members develop new skills. 
  • Personalized coaching plan. Based on the initial assessment, the coach creates a tailored plan that addresses the salesperson’s unique needs and objectives. This could involve working on specific sales skills, strategizing to achieve sales targets, or tackling challenges encountered in real-life sales scenarios.  
  • Interactive learning. This can include live-coaching sessions in a virtual environment, role-playing sales calls scenarios, analyzing past sales product demos, and providing real-time feedback during live sales calls. 
  • Ongoing support and accountability. Coaches may offer follow-up sessions, individual check-ins, progress reports, or access to exclusive online communities where participants can seek additional support. 

The aim here is to help salespeople refine their sales techniques, understand customer needs better, and, ultimately, close deals more effectively.

What is the Difference Between Virtual and In-Person Sales Coaching Programs?

The main difference between virtual and in-person sales coaching programs is the mode of delivery. 

For in-person sales coaching programs, you’ll need a physical location where the sales coach and participants can engage in face-to-face conversations. This allows for more personalized interactions and immediate feedback. 

However, in-person sales coaching programs can be quite challenging due to the conflicting schedules of participants and coaches. Sometimes, it might require travel,  — which may not always be convenient or cost-effective.

On the other hand, for virtual sales coaching programs, the learning sessions take place over video or phone calls or other online communication platforms, making it possible for participants to engage from any location with internet access.

Benefits of Virtual Sales Coaching Programs 

Virtual sales coaching programs provide many benefits that have become even more apparent with the increased need for remote working and learning. 

Unlike in-person sales coaching programs, which often require face-to-face interaction, virtual sales coaching allows for flexibility in timing and location, which can be especially beneficial for remote teams or individuals in different parts of the world. 

Personalized Interactions and Proper Guidance for Participants 

Each participant receives individualized attention, enabling coaches to spot distinct strengths and areas needing improvement and customize the coaching journey per these insights.

With this, coaches can offer pointed feedback, counsel, and tactics to aid sales experts in overcoming challenges and fully realizing their abilities. This personalized approach guarantees that the coaching program aligns with each participant's unique needs and goals. 

For example, you can focus on specific learning areas: like selling to c-level executives

Performance Assessment and Accountability

In a virtual sales coaching program, coaches can evaluate participants' progress through various means, such as reviewing recorded sales calls or analyzing sales metrics. 

This is to pinpoint potential weaknesses, monitor progression, and assess the overall efficacy of the coaching curriculum.

For example, by delving into real-life sales scenarios through recorded calls, coaches can provide feedback on communication skills, negotiation tactics, and issue handling. 

Moreover, the structure of the coaching program inherently offers a sense of responsibility. This layer of accountability ensures that participants maintain their concentration, keep their motivational levels high, and stay firmly dedicated to attaining their sales objectives. 

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7 Best Virtual Sales Coaching Programs In 2023

In this section, we aim to cut through the noise and guide you through some of the most effective and highly-rated virtual sales coaching programs this year. Our goal is to simplify and inform your selection process, helping you find a program that elevates your sales performance. 

1. Saas Discovery Masterclass [LIVE] By

If there's ever a virtual sales coaching program to join as a sales professional in the SaaS industry, then this SaaS discovery masterclass run by Chris Orlob of is the best bang for your buck. 

The SaaS Discovery Masterclass is a six-live virtual sales coaching session for sales leaders and Account Executives (AEs) that want to improve their selling skills. The program is structured to help participants improve their close rates, increase the company’s revenue growth, drive urgency and velocity, and sell through a recession. 

In addition, the program’s curriculum is based on the exact 5-step framework Chis Orlob used to grow Gong from $200K to $200M ARR. 

Meet your coach: Chris Orlob.

Chris Orlob is the co-founder of, QuotaSignal, and former director of Sales at 

Before, Chris grew Gong from $200k to $200M+ ARR and a $7.2B valuation. He built and led the #1-attaining Sales segment and has gone on to train salespeople at several organizations.  

Other coaches you’ll meet include: 

  • Jamal Reimer (Selling to power) 
  • Nate Nasralla (Selling with champions) 
  • Melissa Gaglione (Video prospecting) 
  • Jody Geiger (Managing conflict for managers)
  • Rachel Chi (Winning without discounts)
  • Florin Tatulea (Outbound Email Copywriting) 
  • Luciano Scale ( Elite Productivity for AEs)
  • Kevin Gaither (Hiring Early-Career Sellers) 
  • And a mystery CRO 👀 teaching sales management mastery. 

Program highlights

The SaaS Discovery Masterclass features a six-day coaching session teaching sales reps how to quantify value on every discovery call.  

  • Day 1. You’ll learn the discovery question framework that’ll help identify the business’s pain point. You’ll learn how to understand the real need behind what's being asked and start measuring the impact of these issues.
  • Day 2. You’ll learn to surface your customer’s perceived root causes and influence those perceptions in your favor. 
  • Day 3. You get a live 60 minutes ‘office hours’ and Q&A session with Chris Orlob and other expert sales trainers. 
  • Day 4. You’ll learn expert (and natural techniques) on how to ‘create urgency’ in your buyer’s mind by outlining the negative impact of their problem. 
  • Day 5. You’ll learn to ask questions that create a vision in your buyer’s mind about solving their problem by purchasing your product. 
  • Day 6. Final day. You get one more live ‘office hour’ and Q&A session to help deepen your understanding of the learned techniques. 

What’s the cost?

There’s a one-time fee of $25,000

2. From Demo-to-Close University (FDTCU) by Mor Assouline

Mor Assouline, the founder of FDTCU, calls his coaching program — “The SaaS sales coaching program to help you sell better, overnight.”

And his track record helping sales reps from ZoomInfo, HubSpot, Zendesk, Dialpad, and GainInsights supports this claim. 

The FDTCU is a 12-month sales coaching program for SMB, MM, and Enterprise AEs who want to 2X their quota without using high-pressure sales tactics by nailing their discovery, demos, and follow-ups.

The year-long coaching program is structured to train reps on how to: 

  • Identify the actual concerns of prospects through in-depth exploration and convincing them to advocate for themselves.
  • Provide impressive product demonstrations without resorting to aggressive sales tactics.
  • Successfully manage a deal involving multiple decision-makers.
  • Recognize the right time and technique to close the deal.
  • Build trust and position yourself as a sought-after industry expert clients aspire to collaborate with.
  • Expanding existing accounts via upselling and cross-selling strategies.
  • Preemptively address potential objections.

Meet your coach : Mor Assouline

After quitting his first sales job at 22 because he was scared of sales —fast-forward 12 years later, Mor Assouline is the Founder of FDTC and host of SaaS Talks. 

Leveraging his experiences as an AE, VP, and sales leader who has trained other salespeople, Mor developed a unique coaching methodology that has helped several AEs shorten their sales cycle from 75 to 30 days. Allowing them close to major brands like Fanjoy, Ikonick, and more. 

Prior to being the go-to saas sales coach, Mor was a 3X VP of Sales known for tripling ARR in 12 months for two startups, leading one to a multi-million dollar acquisition and another to a $20M Series A. 

Program highlights

The FDTCU offers an immersive 12-month program that includes the following:

  • Weekly Live Sales Coaching where Mor guides Account Executives (AEs) through their deals and answers their queries.
  • Interactive Sales Workshops where you collaborate directly with Mor on various aspects, from creating compelling cold emails to enhancing product demos.
  • Access to an Exclusive AE Community that provides professional advice without judgment.
  • Unlimited Sales Resources. You’d enjoy unrestricted access to Mor's renowned 'Sales Cocktail' swipe file, featuring hundreds of actionable sales tips from B2B Sales experts.

What’s the cost?

The FDTCU costs $997 per year

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3. Braun Training by Josh Braun

Josh Braun is a renowned sales expert with decades of experience— known for his comprehensive training modules that have helped several SDRs in prospecting, cold calling, and cold emailing. 

Before becoming a sales coach, Josh was the VP of Sales at JellyVision for 11 years with an impressive record: 

  • Supervised and coached a sales development team of seven members
  • Doubled the SDR team’s weekly sales meetings in 60 days. 
  • Developed and created a unique sales playbook and strategy tailored for the SDR role
  • Achieved a 20% increase in brand-new appointments for 11 out of 13 months.

He has also helped sales reps in Gong, Zendesk, Snowflake, Appetize, RedGate, and many more. 

Program highlights

In the Braun Training bundle, Josh offers: 

  • Badass B2B growth guide detailing how to prospect properly and attract your dream client. (valued at $197)
  • An easy-to-learn cold calling method for starting sales conversations — especially with skeptical prospects. (valued at $197)
  • A detailed customer interview guide will help you understand why customers “hired” your product so you can create messaging inviting them to care. (valued at $197)

What’s the cost?

A full session with Josh costs $1200/hour

Meanwhile, if you’d prefer a workshop for your team: 

  • 1-hour talk - $15,000
  • Half-day - $20,000
  • Full day - $25,000

4. Gap Selling Training by KEENAN (ASG Company)

ASG (A Sales Growth) company is one that offers online and on-demand sales training courses. The aim of these courses is to address the common issues that often hinder sales growth, such as low win rates, long sales cycles, low average sale price (ASP), and poor pipeline development.

Among their offerings is their coaching program called “Gap Selling.”

The Gap Selling program is an in-person and virtual sales training program for B2B and SaaS sales professionals. 

Led by the famous sales expert, KEENAN, the Gap Selling Methodology refocuses sales from the “Problem-Centric” standpoint — a sales methodology that teaches salespeople how to sell the way your buyers like to buy. 

A few of their clients include Limble CMMS, Emburse,, ARMS Reliability, Scorpion Design, and Deer Employees Credit Union. 

Program highlights

The Gap Selling training is subdivided into three categories: 

  • Gap Selling Methodology. The training teaches the fundamentals of becoming a problem-centric seller to accelerate sales growth. Key topics include:
  • an introduction to gap selling,
  • busting sales myths, 
  • problem identification, 
  • discovery, demos/presentations, 
  • objection handling, and 
  • understanding sales cycles.
  • Gap Selling Prospecting. This training will help you become a Problem-Centric™ prospector and build a healthy pipeline.

    Topics include: 
  • introduction to prospecting, 
  • problem-centric prospecting, 
  • how to elegantly interrupt, 
  • problem identification,
  • knowing your ideal customer profile (ICP), 
  • capturing attention,
  • building your messaging, and
  • leveraging email/social media/phone for prospecting.
  • Gap Selling for Managers. This training is ideal for those who want to become Problem-Centric™ sales leaders and develop high-functioning sales teams. The course covers topics such as: 
  • an introduction to management, 
  • pipeline management, 
  • the psychology of influence, 
  • accountability, 
  • culture creation, 
  • CRM (friend or foe), 
  • success metrics, 
  • deal strategy, 
  • building a committed culture, and
  • a sales coaching method

For enterprise sales teams of 500 or more salespeople, ASG offers custom Gap Selling enablement team training, designed to make it easy to implement Gap Selling in global sales organizations

What’s the cost?

Pricing is not publicly disclosed. You’d have to contact sales to get a proper quote. 

5. Accelerator Lab by Marc Wayshak

Mac Wayshark is one of those sales coaches defying the norm with his data-driven sales methodologies. He calls it —

creating a data-driven selling system that reliably and predictably produces massive results.

The accelerator lab is a coaching program aimed at helping sales reps find more prospects, close more deals, and use their value offering to get higher prices. In fact, many participants called it the most intense and practical sales coaching program they’ve ever experienced. 

The program also features a “Sales Prospecting Campaign Blueprint” outlining a 30-day approach to interacting with prospects until closing the deal. 

However, admissions to the Accelerator Lab are selective and only candidates who pass the 45-minute strategy session are accepted into the program. 

Meet your coach: Marc Wayshak.

Marc Wayshak is a top sales strategist and founder of Sales Insights Lab. As the celebrated author of two best-selling books - 'Game Plan Selling' and 'High-Velocity Sales Organization,' Marc has established a formidable reputation in the sales industry.

In addition to this is his coaching program which has propelled Marc into the limelight as one of the most sought-after sales coaches. To date, his clients have grown their annual sales by more than $100M under his guidance. To top it off, his expertise and stance on data-driven sales approach have been sought by leading global corporations, such as Siemens, Goldman Sachs, Lenovo, and Marriott, where he has graced the stage as a keynote speaker.

Program highlights

Accelerator Lab features: 

  • 18 distinct courses across 15 weeks covering topics such as : 
  • Discovery questions, prospect research,  whiteboard pitch, sales proposals, lead acquisition, cold email strategy, and many more. 
  • Weekly group coaching meetings where you role-play, discuss, and learn new strategies with Marc 
  • Access to a private members-only forum. 

What’s the cost?

Price not disclosed. 

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6. SaaS Masterclass by Matt Wolach

SaaS masterclass is a live SaaS sales coaching program run by the infamous Matt Wolach — known for helping B2B SaaS companies learn and implement the proper framework for closing deals and scaling. 

The coaching program breaks down the saas sales process into six easy-to-follow modules encompassing proven frameworks and strategies built and used by Matt himself. He calls this framework —  “The Perfect D-E-A-L.”

And several reviews show clients seeing results in 6 weeks or less after implementing it. 

Some titbits about the program include understanding; 

  • the sales cycle for a SaaS product, including the nuances, stages, and key touch points for every interaction with a prospect. 
  • how to identify and attract potential customers — both inbound and outbound strategies.
  • various sales methodologies such as Solution Selling, SPIN Selling, or Value Selling.
  • how to craft a compelling sales pitch and product demo. For example, how to tailor your pitch to different types of customers and how to conduct a compelling demo.
  • different techniques for negotiating pricing and terms, handling objections, and ultimately closing deals could be a significant part of the course.
  • how to cultivate customer relationships and promote upselling and cross-selling.

Meet your coach: Matt Wolach.

Matt Wolach is the founder of the SaaS Masterclass coaching program (also known as Xsellus). He has built and sold multiple bootstrapped SaaS businesses from the ground up. 

Some of his admirable records include closing 142 SaaS deals in one month and building a lead engine that generated more than 300 inbound leads per month. This framework has brought him to the limelight, leading his company to win five straight Inc 5000 Awards for fastest growing company. 

Program highlights

The SaaS masterclass features: 

  • Plug-and-play sales process, including worksheets, templates, guides, and sequences. 
  • 1-on-1 with Matt 
  • Live group coaching sessions with sales reps and software founders. 
  • Leaders circle membership (slack community)
  • Special events, live demo overview (tagged demo-lition)
  • Access to perfect D-E-A-L masterclass

What’s the cost?

Price not disclosed. 

7. MySalesCoach by Kevin Beales

MySalesCoach (MSC) is an expertly-matched 1-on-1 sales coaching program for SDRs, AEs, CSMs, and sales leaders. They’ve helped sales reps at companies like Deel, HubSpot, Outreach, SalesLoft, and many others close deals and increase revenue. 

MSC runs as an expert sales coach-as-a-service solution that helps teams and individuals, and it works like this: 

  • They analyze your business, sector, stage, and challenges. 
  • Next, they propose the best coach for you or your team. Each coach has industry experience with proven results and impacts relevant to you. 
  • For organizations, MSC would offer specialist coaches for each team - for example, SDRs, AEs, CSM, and leaders. 
  • Each of these coaching sessions can be 35 or 45 minutes long, depending on the objectives. 

You also get access to Team Workshops where you deep-dive into a chosen sales area for your team, such as storytelling, competitive negotiation, cold-calling, or discovery. 

Meet Kevin Beales, the brain behind MSC.

Kevin Beales is the founder and CEO of MySalesCoach. He co-founded and served as CEO at Refract and became VP & GM at Allego until 2023. In addition, he also serves as a non-exec director at Altitude Angel. 

Program highlights

MSC programs are all tailored to the individual’s or team’s preferences. So, there’s no “exact curriculum.” 

What’s the cost?

MSC utilizes a three-tiered package depending on the participant’s preferences. 

  • Individual plans cost $200/month. 
  • Team plan costs $2000/month. 
  • For larger teams, reach out to MSC to discuss this further. 

Subscriptions can be for multiples of 10 x 35 minutes or 8 x 45 minutes, as desired. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Virtual Sales Coaching Program

When you want to choose a virtual sales coaching program, it’s critical that you assess several factors that can help you maximize your learning experience and achieve your sales goals. 

Some factors to consider include: 

  • Coach expertise and credibility. Research the background and expertise of the coaches or trainers leading the program. Ensure they have a proven track record in sales and enough coaching experience. Verify their credibility through testimonials or recommendations from previous participants.
  • 1-on-1 Access To Coach(es). Evaluate if the program allows personalized interaction with the respective coach(es). While group coaching sessions can foster a sense of community, strive to receive individualized feedback, guidance, and support from the coaches. Programs that offer personalized attention can address your specific challenges and help tailor the coaching experience to your needs.
  • Program Structure. Ensure the program’s structure and curriculum suits your learning preferences and match your availability. Check to see if the program offers flexible scheduling options, whether self-paced or has specific session timings, and if it’s a combination of individual and group coaching sessions or standalone. 
  • Coach Teaching Methods. Ideally, you should opt for programs incorporating practical exercises, role-playing, or case studies, to enhance your skills and provide hands-on experience.
  • Possibility of Ongoing Support. Determine if your intended program offers opportunities for follow-up sessions, access to the coach and other learning materials, or a private community for networking with other people in the field. Ongoing support can contribute to your long-term growth and success.

Elevate Your SaaS Sales Success with Virtual Sales Coaching

The right virtual sales coaching program can make a world of difference for sales reps looking to grow and achieve jaw-dropping results. It allows you to leverage a coach’s knowledge, experience their guidance, and explore their practical strategies to navigate the unique challenges of selling SaaS products.

Think of it as having the Micheal Jordan of SaaS sales holding your hands and learning your way around the ball — well, that’s how a coach should be to you. 

And talking of a coach like that is — Chris Orlob with the SaaS Discovery Masterclass Live Bootcamp

Chris takes on six “extremely actionable” sessions — one proven work with over 3,000+ SaaS sellers attesting to the results. 

In fact, Alex Moffit of Autodesk called it the “most actionable sales training they've ever done.”

It’s not just another coaching program; it’s one aimed at helping you improve your close rates, drive urgency, and sell — even during a recession. 

Join 3,000 SaaS sellers, leaders, and entrepreneurs growing their revenue with Chris Orlob’s Coaching.

Join SaaS Discovery Masterclass Live Bootcamp

Virtual Sales Coaching FAQs

What is virtual sales coaching? 

Virtual sales coaching is a type of online learning where a sales expert offers guidance and training to help enhance your sales abilities. 

This instructor-led approach means you get one-on-one interactions with a professional who provides real-time feedback and helps you apply new strategies in practical situations to improve your virtual selling skills. 

What is virtual sales training?

Virtual sales training is an online-based learning program that provides sales professionals with a structured curriculum to learn, develop, and improve their sales skills, techniques, and strategies. The training materials often include video tutorials, webinars, and written content.

Is there a difference between online sales training and sales coaching?

Yes, there’s a significant difference between online sales training and sales coaching. 

An online sales training typically refers to a structured learning path where participants follow a set curriculum at their own pace. This could involve watching pre-recorded videos, taking quizzes, or reading through provided materials. The goal is to learn fundamental sales skills and techniques.

On the other hand, sales coaching is more personalized and interactive. Here you have a sales coach working closely —mostly via one-on-one live sessions—  with a salesperson or a sales team to identify and improve specific areas of their sales skills. 

Are these virtual selling programs meant more for sales teams, or do they include individual training sessions?

Anyone involved in sales — whether you're an individual salesperson or part of a sales team, can benefit from these virtual sales coaching sessions. 

Do any of these programs offer sales consulting for sales managers and executive leadership?

Yes, many virtual sales coaching programs offer specialized consulting services tailored specifically for sales managers and executive leadership. 

These programs typically focus on areas such as strategic planning, team management, performance metrics, and other high-level sales concerns. 

Meanwhile, it's always a good idea to check the specific offerings of each program to ensure they provide the right services for your role and needs.

Can I earn a certificate upon completing a virtual sales training course?

Yes, many virtual sales training courses offer certifications upon successfully completing the program. 

How does a virtual sales coaching program work?

Most virtual sales coaching programs are structured around a series of practical exercises, assessments, and one-on-one coaching sessions. 

How long does a virtual sales coaching course usually take?

The duration of a virtual sales coaching course can vary depending on the program curriculum. Some intensive courses might only last a few weeks, while others could be spread over several months. It's best to check the specifics of each program for accurate information.

How much does a virtual sales coaching program cost?

The cost of virtual sales coaching programs varies and depends on the length of the course, the content, and the expertise of the coach. Some programs cost a few hundred dollars, while others cost thousands. 

How do I choose the right virtual sales coaching program for me?

When choosing a program, consider the coach’s expertise, the program’s curriculum, duration, and flexibility, and also reviews and testimonials of past participants. 

Another good idea is to see if the program offers a trial period or a money-back guarantee.  

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