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Best Corporate Sales Training Programs & Courses

Sales Training
Chris Orlob
October 26, 2023

What is corporate sales training?

Corporate sales training involves educating sales teams or individual sales professionals to improve their selling skills, product knowledge, and overall effectiveness in generating revenue.

The training can cover all areas of the sales cycle; from prospecting to retention, or deliver specialized training for a specific sales process, such as cold calling. 

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Sales trainers can deliver corporate sales training in the form of a fully built out multi-week program, or just a smaller selection of courses. 
  • Sales training programs are tailored to a company's unique requirements, combining in-person or online workshops, virtual training, and personal coaching. 
  • Online sales courses typically consist of pre-recorded videos that cater to general sales skill training. 
  • Sales trainers can then support the course with occasional interactive sessions and content updates to provide ongoing value.

How do you become a corporate sales professional?

To become a corporate sales professional, you must demonstrate the ability to generate, qualify, and build relationships with leads to close new sales.

Advancing your career in corporate sales, typically from SDR to AE, requires understanding the core B2B sales principles and in-depth knowledge of the industry your company serves. 

Most salespeople develop these B2B sales skills through consistent on-the-job practice and practical sales training. 

What should you look for in a corporate sales training program?

Besides the general factors like evaluating the program features, the trainer’s reputation, and the program’s curriculum, we often advise salespeople to start with the trainer’s sales methodology. 

The trainer’s sales methodology

The sales trainer’s methodology is their earned secret. 

It's the culmination of processes, value propositions, and systems they’ve developed after years of consistent grinding at sales. 

Online reputation, number of social followers, and even five-star reviews can be unreliable. The chances that you’ll sign up for a sales program that doesn’t align with your values and sales goals is higher than otherwise. 

In fact, most sales reps, BDRs, and AEs who come to us these days lament booking one-on-one coaching sessions where the trainer delivers generic and outdated sales techniques.  

In addition to their online reputation, we advise you to listen to their sales podcasts, read their blogs– and digest their content everywhere to discover their unique methodology.

They’ll typically reflect it in their argument if they have one because it’s central to their process. Equally, they would occasionally support their methodology with a verifiable story. 

For example, Chris Orlob developed the Current State and Root Cause Analysis after he realized that leads usually ghost him because his process usually creates urgency and a desire for the competitor. 

Now, he trains sales reps to uncover business pains that money follows by analyzing the leads’ current state, root cause, and other techniques that helped him grow Gong to a $7B valuation in 5 years. 

Alignment with your sales goals

Ensure the program or course you choose aligns with your goals before signing up. Tech sales training might be ineffective if you’re looking to develop proficiency in sales management.  


A typical corporate sales program has modules tailored to your or your sales team’s needs. The trainer usually begins with an assessment call to evaluate your current sales processes. Then, they will adapt their curriculum to reflect your goals. That way, your team learns new practical techniques based on scenarios they’ll experience on the job.

Delivery format

Consider how your sales team learns best. 

Do they prefer in-person, online, webinars, live events, or virtual training? If you’re unsure, consider programs that offer a blended learning process that involves role-plays and other practical training sessions.  

Trainer experience and expertise

We cannot overemphasize the value of specialized knowledge in sales training. B2B sales is a complex process. 

You’ll need the best hands to help you master the nuances. That’s why we enlist experts, the top 1% of sales earners, to run courses in their areas of specialty. 

For example, in Selling With Champions, our instructor, Nate Nasralla, otherwise known as the guy who created the seven-figure champion development process, uncovers unconventional sales leadership practices that help sales leaders develop champions that close six- and seven-figure deals consistently even when they’re not in the room.

More on sales expertise: Sales training vs sales enablement.

Ongoing Support

Most sales training courses are pre-recorded– the typical set-it and forget-it kind. 

Even if the content is great, you should consider if the trainer offers ongoing support. Excellent results come from repeatable activities, not one-off success. 

We know this at Pclub, so we ensure you get a bi-weekly ticket to our special expert series, where we troubleshoot your challenges.

In the next section, we will walk you through our process, revealing how we transform individual learners and teams into world-class corporate sales powerhouses that consistently deliver results. After that, we'll explore other corporate sales training you can trust. 

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The 4 Best Corporate Sales Training Programs 

1. Pclub’s Corporate Sales Training

There are two ways to upskill your corporate sales performance with Pclub: the platinum passport and the business plan. 

When you sign up for the Platinum Passport, you’ll get instant access to online courses covering every aspect of the sales cycle; from discovery calls to sales demo training, cold calling, and sales leadership/management. 

The Business Plan is best for upskilling your sales team with new B2B sales techniques. In addition to unlocking access to all Pclub’s courses, this plan gives you access to 

  • A curated skill development program for your team
  • Modern training from the top 1% of sales practitioners
  • Proven skill transition programs.

This holistic approach ensures your sales team becomes a group expert capable of adapting to evolving market dynamics and improving the bottom line even in harsh markets. 

Below, we’ll give you an overview of our top 3 courses and an outline of how corporate sales organizations transform their sales process with our program. 

How Pclub’s corporate sales courses help you (The Top 3 Corporate Sales Techniques)

You’ll learn how great sellers create "urgency from thin air" and sell in an economic meltdown

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned sales veteran — no one is exempt from the harsh reality of today’s economic headwinds, no matter how good your sales strategies are. 

  • SDRs are generating only 18% of pipeline these days (down from 40% market averages.)
  • 72% of salespeople expect to miss their annual quota [Salesforce].
  • 85% of sales leaders say they’re struggling to get a budget for headcount [Salesforce]

Some sales teams take their foot off the gas by cutting budgets to cushion the effects of the economic downturn. 

Others increase budgets – with the dreams of being ahead of the market when things return to normal. 

While taking your foot off the gas might leave you behind, spending more money on things that aren’t working won’t move you forward either. 

Things like:

  • Old discovery models and training don’t really represent how today’s B2B buyers want to be sold to. 
  • Creating friction by overselling benefits and features when buyers just want you to help them understand their pains better.
  • Losing deals to your competitor and other products by creating urgency for somebody else instead of building preference for your product. 

Most salespeople cannot avoid these sales mistakes because they don’t even know they’re committing them. 

All you know is that you’re not closing more deals, you’re unable to recreate yesterday’s success, and you’re probably far off your dream spot on the leaderboard. 

That’s why Chris Orlob created the SaaS Discovery Masterclass for you. 

In the SaaS Discovery Masterclass, Chris Orlob will walk you through the 5-step discovery system he used to grow Gong from $200k to $200M, increase his income to $1.63M, and train thousands of sales professionals to sell through an economic downturn. 

Specifically, you’ll learn the following:

  1. How to find deals destined to close by identifying business pain that money follows. 
  2. How to avoid losing deals to competitors at the finish line by first becoming a “trusted” advisor and then using a repeatable questioning framework to get buyers to favor you.
  3. How to close deals faster and avoid getting ghosted by building the cost of inaction and urgency into your sales process
  4. How to eliminate friction in the rest of the sales cycle by understanding the prospects’ decision making process and building a vision of your product that the buyers want. 
  5. How to avoid getting blindsided by revealing the true decision process with 7 secret questions to ask in the right order. 

The process Chris Orlob teaches here not only guarantees a predictable, consistent, and repeatable deal-closing sales process but also makes the corporate selling process more fun for you again. 

Take Jasi Johnson; account director at Linkedin. 

After experiencing the reality of selling in a tough microeconomic climate, she realized that what’s worked previously, such as value-based selling, isn’t enough to move the needle. So, she signed up for the discovery masterclass.

Now, she’s confident to identify business pain points and QUANTIFY those pain into financial implications for clients, and create urgency that leads to sales. 

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Learn the secret cold-calling techniques that closed $1.472M In ARR and lessons from 60,000 cold calls.

In this 9-part, advanced cold calling course, Trent walks you through the exact formula he has used to close over $1.4 million ARR for B2B companies and earn $300,000 in income by age 26. 

If you’ve tried a bunch of cold-calling scripts, you must be asking yourself, “how is this different?” There is only one difference– this one actually works

Trent Dressel is a senior account executive at Qualtrics, a 21-year-old experience management company. He has led over 50,000 cold calls throughout his career. 

Conquer The Cold Call is the consecration of his experience. The course covers a complex but practical cold sales calling exercise that’s helped 10,000+ B2B sellers grow their pipeline and income.

Before sharing what you’ll learn, here are the top 3 cold-calling practices you’ll UNLEARN to break your lead gen jinx: 

  1. Cold calling practices that make your calls feel rushed and unorganized. 
  2. Common question that instantly puts your prospects on the defensive but most salespeople don’t know.
  3. Countering objections when you should actually OWN them. 

Here’s what you’ll learn

  1. The B2B cold calling script that helps you humanize your interaction to get traction 
  2. Real cold call examples that help you master how to own and counter objections
  3. The often-ignored metrics that help you craft a reliable, repeatable, and predictable daily cold-calling process
  4. How to craft follow-up cadence and sequence that get prospects OUT of your sequence

10,000+ B2B SDRs, BDRs, and AEs are now meeting and exceeding their financial figures from cold calls. See the following case studies. 

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Discover the competitive selling strategies that ensure you'll never lose a deal to your competition again.

In this course, Chris Orlob will walk you through the competitive selling process he used to drive competitors crazy while growing Gong to a $7.2B valuation. 

In sales, competition is inevitable. And there always comes that time when prospects want you to tell them about your competitors. 

This is the moment most salespeople must walk on eggshells. Praising your competitors might be counterintuitive. Shaming them makes you look twice as bad. 

Chris Orlob has lived this moment thousands of times and always comes out on the other end with a new logo on the rack. In Rig The Game, Chris will share the six secret-of-secret techniques to handle customer concerns and objections. 

Here are some highlights of what you’ll learn:

  1. A new way to think about product differentiation (and why the old product differentiation formula is dead)
  2. How to get buyers to crave your differentiation and favor you with a Nexus.
  3. When and how to delay or accelerate the deal.
  4. How to sell around saboteur stakeholders and co-sell with a "power partner."

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Take it from Dee Acosta, Head of Revenue at Hocket Stack:

Rig the Game: Advanced Strategies to Win Competitive SaaS Deals

Other Pclub courses for corporate B2B selling

Sink or Swim

Here, you’ll master the step-by-step 30, 60, and 90-day action plan that great sales managers use to CRUSH their first 90 days.

Killing the maybe

Learn how to “systematically dismantle” your buyer's status quo… and stop losing deals to “no decision.

Unlock the Level Up

This course helps you practice how top frontline managers use diagnostic coaching to drive AE performance.

The Final Stretch

Learn how top frontline managers use diagnostic coaching to drive sales performance

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How Pclub’s corporate sales training program upskill your sales team (6 days of live and interactive sales training)

Our corporate sales training provides best-in-class interactive instructor-led sessions designed just for you and your sales team. 

In 6 days, we’ll engage your team in rigorous, practical, and updated training that will help them master essential sales skills like the following:

  1. Running advanced discovery calls
  2. Delivering demos that sell 
  3. Selling with champions 
  4. The decision-making heuristic that will help you sell to executives.
  5. Crafting and selling competitive deals
  6. Cold email copywriting that works
  7. Outbound prospecting

Here’s an overview of how we walk your team through the 6-day corporate sales program: 

Day 1: 

Learn a discovery question framework to identify customers' pain points, understand their real needs, and measure the impact of those issues.

Day 2: 

Learn to uncover customers' perceived root causes and influence those perceptions in your favor.

Day 3: 

Your team will attend a live Q&A session with expert sales trainers.

Day 4: 

Your team will learn expert and natural techniques to create urgency in buyers' minds by outlining the negative impact of their problems.

Day 5: 

You’ll learn to ask questions that create a vision in buyers' minds about solving their problems by purchasing your product.

Day 6: 

Final live Q&A session to deepen your understanding of the learned techniques.

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2. Foundations of Consultative Selling by RAIN Group

RAIN Group believes that a consultative selling process can transform unconventional people into a sales powerhouse.

After conducting several industry benchmarks, the RAIN Group found that most sellers aren’t excelling in the areas most important to buyers. 

To fill that gap, they developed the RAIN system, which stands for Rapport, Aspiration & Affliction, Impact, and New reality.

Foundations of Consultative Selling teaches salespeople to reinvent their process by injecting the RAIN system principles into all the stages of their sales cycle.  

Why it is great for corporate sales teams.

The RAIN system is great for corporate sales organizations who want to level up their sales process with a relationship based training approach. 

The curriculum covers all the fundamental stages in the sales cycle and teaches salespeople how to apply the RAIN system at every stage to ensure a successful sales process. 

Additionally, the curriculum also features unique modules such as “The Buyer Change Blueprint” and “Communicating with different personalities.” 

This provides you and your team members sales techniques and communication skills that guarantee sales success and retention. 

The delivery method

The Foundations of Consultative Selling program combines micro-learning and instructor-led sessions, delivered through on-line training, virtual training, hybrid training , and self-study. 

This structured approach ensures that participants not only learn but also apply the lessons effectively, resulting in tangible behavioral changes and measurable results.

Who’s your trainer? 

The RAIN Group is led by experienced sales consultants, including industry stalwarts like Robert Croston and John Doerr who have consulted for companies like the Bank or America and have written Wall Street Best Sellers. 

What’s the pricing? 

The Foundations of Consultative Selling programs’ pricing is undisclosed

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3. Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling

Winning With Relationship Selling helps salespeople understand how some traditional sales techniques are insufficient today because most customers can now complete the buying process without engaging a single salesperson.  

They trainers believe that selling through relationships is not only the best way to sell today but also the most sustainable way to build lasting engagement that leads to loyalty and a lucrative sales pipeline that catapults you over your goals. 

That’s why they designed the Awareness, Experience and Sustainment system to teach salespeople to position themselves to attract customers into a lasting relationship. 

Why it is great for corporate sales teams.

Winning With Relationship Selling is great for corporate salespeople because it helps you master unconventional relationship-first techniques that builds trust with today’s savvy B2B buyers. 

While the training sessions are grounded in decades of development; borrowing inspirations from Carnegie's book, the curriculum has evolved to suit sales needs for the current landscape. For example, reps access specialized modules like how to use “cross-sell and up-sell” as strategic relationship building assets. 

The delivery method

Winning With Relationship Selling is delivered through in-person sessions and live online sales training. The In-person training consists of 8 sessions completed in 3 days. You can select a live training location near you from the website. 

Who’s your trainer?

The course website does not highlight the trainer. However, Joe Hart, CEO of Dale Carnegie Training, is a renowned transformational leader and author. 

What’s the pricing? 

Winning with Relationship Selling includes a series of trainings priced between $1900 and $2200

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4. Sales Done Right by John Barrows (JB Sales)

Barrows has trained some of the best sales teams in the world and has worked with teams at Google, Okta, Salesforce, and LinkedIn.

He believes everyone is a salesperson. But, unlike most people, he thinks the idea that “a salesperson can sell anything” is dangerous. Because, for him, sales is not about convincing prospects to buy but guiding them to demand. 

His honest and down-to-earth approach to training is one of the reasons Sales Done Right is considered among the best online courses for salespeople. 

Why is it great for corporate sales teams?

Sales Done Right comprises two signature programs that are designed to give you and your sales team the structure, tools, and techniques you need to drive immediate results. The courses are (1) filling the funnel and (2) driving too close. 

They help sales teams develop a framework for consistent and repeatable sales success using message testing techniques and creating a shared language around their process. 

The delivery method

You can access Sales Done Right through online certificate courses, live monthly training and workshops. 

Who’s your trainer? 

John Barrows has worked in sales for over 25 years in various roles. He’s gone from cold-calling roles to the VP of Sales and now runs his own sales training company while working with organizations like Salesforce, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Google. 


Program membership— which includes everything discussed above— is $420 annually.

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Common Reasons Why Sales Courses Fail to Deliver Value

In our experience, sales courses often fail to deliver consistent results for one or more reasons: 

The trainer doesn’t have a unique methodology.

A sales trainer’s methodology is their earned secret– a culmination of processes, value propositions, and systems they’ve developed to deliver consistent results over the years. 

When salespeople work with trainers who don’t have a methodology (or one that isn’t backed by evidence), they learn goal-seeking sales techniques that are hard to scale because they are not designed to deliver results in different scenarios. 

An effective sales training is purposeful. 

It is offered by trainers who’ve been in the trenches and developed unique methodologies that consistently deliver different results in different scenarios. 

Outdated and generic training techniques

Sales coaching should evolve with the sales landscape. In the B2B market; where buyers are more empowered with data and efficient Do-Your-Own-Research processes, there is no place for outdated B2B sales training

In our experience, there’s been a gradual shift from a value-based sales approach to a solution-based system, where reps prioritize helping the prospect understand their pains over selling the product’s value. 

Sales teams who learn from sales coaching programs that aren’t optimized to match the trend often struggle to prospect effectively. 

Lack of practical application

Some sales training programs are theoretical versions of sales techniques from top-rated sales books. 

While they look good on paper, these techniques are often ineffective. One reason is that sales books are typically top-of-the-funnel assets. They are deliberately incomplete to attract readers into a funnel. 

Salespeople who sign up for such courses struggle to achieve an effective sales process. They often find themself unable to apply the lessons in real-world scenarios. As a result, they lack the confidence to jump on sales calls and become frustrated from closing new sales.  

Sales reps, AEs, and BDRs looking for the best sales training programs enjoy our sessions. We offer a practical and updated sales program that follows a clear and unique methodology for the world's top 1% of sales earners

That’s why our trainers boast case studies of sales trainees crunching numbers at Linkedin, Atlassian, Gong, and other top B2B and tech companies. 

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