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5 Most Effective Sales Management Training Courses Right Now

Sales Training
Chris Orlob
July 24, 2023

Building a high-impact sales team that can hit targets and close deals starts with great management. 

It’s no secret that top performers are supported by the best sales managers, and that’s why selecting an effective sales management training course is crucial for sales leaders aiming to level up their sales management skills. 

With so many sales management training courses out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out which courses will help sales managers hone their skills and ultimately yield the best return on investment.

Check out this short list of top rated training courses for sales managers and how each can help elevate your sales team.    

1. Pclub’s Sales Leadership Training Courses has helped more than 10,000 tech salespeople grow their skills at companies like Zoom, Slack, LinkedIn, Hubspot, and many more. One of the big standouts of Pclub’s sales training courses is their reviews and success stories. 

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Going into any sales training course, it’s helpful to know what to expect. Pclub clearly lays out some expectations for their sales management training courses such as:

  • Interactive and personalized video training for seasoned sales professionals as well as new sales managers.
  • Virtual role-playing exercises.
  • Coaching to foster the development of essential leadership skills.

Courses for busy sales leaders that need to train up their teams

Pclub’s SaaS Discovery Masterclass focuses on creating urgency and selling in an economic meltdown. More specifically, Pclubs courses offer in-depth modules on discovery calls, sales processes, strategy, and pipeline management for SaaS sales teams, while using an exact 5-step framework to train top-tier sales teams. 

These steps include:

  1. Identifying the business problem.
  2. Understanding the current state.
  3. Identifying the cause analysis.
  4. Exploring the negative impact.
  5. Understanding the desired outcome.

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Pclub Reviews and Testimonials

Pclub boast some incredible reviews from account executives and sales leaders who’ve gone through their courses:

Powerful concepts distilled into tactical, actionable techniques

" takes complex topics and boils them down into simple and actionable strategies. Chris is thoughtful in his approach to SaaS sales training and it is evident by the incredible performance results of anyone who has ever had the privilege of selling under his leadership!”

- Lauren Frilling, Account Executive, Gong

Closed more deals and exceeded quotas in an economic downturn

The techniques in Pclub’s SaaS Discovery Masterclass helped Jasi Johnson to close more deals and exceed quotas. “I finished my quarter at 152% and my half at 104% - largely due to this.”

- Jasi Johnson, account director at LinkedIn. 

Strong quarter despite economic headwinds

"Been through a lot of sales training. Most of it was generic. That's not Our revenue slowed down a bit. These courses helped us build pain and ultimately close more deals. Ended up with a really strong Q4."

- Dee Acosta, Head of Revenue at Hockeystack 

Mastering discovery and understanding client pain points

"In the world of SaaS sales, we know that discovery is ongoing throughout every stage of a sales cycle. Chris’s approach to mastering discovery is the golden ticket to understanding a client’s true pain (by “peeling back the layers of the onion”), quantifying the impact, and doing it in a natural way. His discovery training has helped me as an AE confidently have conversations around quantifiable impact, leading me to win opportunities I would have otherwise missed. If Chris is teaching it, I’m taking it."

- Gretchen Reynolds

Builds business acumen and breaks down complex sales topics

"Chris has an innate ability to break down complex sales concepts into simple (but not easy) tactical steps that are as equally impactful for a new SDR as they are for a veteran sales leader. True enterprise sellers elevate discovery from a surface-level 'check-the-box' inquisition into a value add consultation. This course helps build the business acumen, deep domain expertise, and passion for problem-solving needed to make that transition - which makes Chris the Peloton instructor for your commission check."

- Arash Almasi

Actionable techniques without the fluff

“Very practical, actionable, down to the exact steps and questions to ask to build urgency and deal-closing pain. The Negative Impact lesson by itself is worth its weight in gold. I like the way Chris goes straight to techniques you can use immediately without a bunch of fluff. He knows SaaS sales REALLY well and shares everything he knows."

- Eric Johnson

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2. Rain Group's Sales Leadership Training

Rain Group, based out of Australia, offers a high-performance virtual sales leadership training that takes a modular approach to skills development. This provides a personalized learning approach while focusing on the building blocks of sales training. 

Salespeople who enter Rain Group’s training programs can expect to focus on modules such as:

  • How to become a top performing sales manager.
  • Territory planning and analysis.
  • Sales forecasting and pipeline management. 
  • How to lead effective team meetings.
  • How to manage and accelerate sales performance.
  • How to teach sellers to consistently exceed sales targets.

3. LinkedIn Learning Sales Management Course

LinkedIn Learning is well-known as a place to find courses on building your skills in many fields. — in this case, skills in sales and marketing management.

With over 276 courses in Sales Management on the LinkedIn platform, there’s something for everyone in sales from aspiring sales leaders to sales managers looking to elevate their skills and team’s skills. Each mini-course offers video tutorials, slideshows, real-life examples, and certificates of completion. 

Some of the focus areas of sales courses include:

  • Sales management foundations
  • Sales strategy
  • Sales coaching
  • Sales forecasting and reporting
  • Retail sales management
  • Developing a playbook for head of sales
  • Sales operations
  • Managing high-performing sales teams
  • Breaking habits as a sales manager
  • Transitioning to sales management
  • Attracting and retaining sales talent
  • Holding sales meetings
  • Monitoring progress in sales meetings
  • Working with other departments

LinkedIn Learning courses are free with a one-month trial or $29.99 per course. 

4. Sales Performance International's Sales Leadership Program

Sales Performance International, also known as Richardson Sales Performance, is a global sales performance training company that focuses on Pharma, MedTech, and Healthcare sales organizations. They take a behavioral science approach in their Connected Selling Curriculum to create lasting behavioral changes in sales teams — boosting their success while focusing on all sales roles and phases of the sales cycle to give sales teams the right tools.  

Sales Performance International offers intuitive digital learning modules, CRM-enabled workflow tools, and online assessments as well as customized sales training, coaching, and consulting.

Sales training programs are broken down into four umbrella categories with specific modules under each. 

These categories include:

  • Creating a pipeline
  • Winning opportunities
  • Growing accounts
  • Sales management

5. American Management Association's Sales Management Training

American Management Association (AMA) offers live online and in-person expert-led sales management training courses. 

Their courses are geared towards sales managers of every level and are designed to develop practical sales skills such as:

  • Strategic sales negotiations
  • Territory and time management
  • Teaching fundamental selling techniques
  • Sales coaching techniques
  • Finding the right customers
  • Growing your client list
  • Establishing ongoing customer relationships
  • Manage all aspects of the sales cycle

Additionally, AMA offers a three-day, three-lesson Advanced Sales Management course for seasoned sales managers who want to refine their leadership skills and sales planning techniques to become better motivators, decision-makers, motivators, and coaches.

How Pclub’s Training Program Helps You Unlock Sales Success

Success in sales is determined by a number of factors. In Pclub’s sales training programs, founder, Chris Orlob works with the top 0.01% of sales earners, practitioners, and leaders to create top-rated online courses, each designed to help you grow your sales skills and those of your teams. 

In the training courses, sales professionals get to focus on three key areas: mastering sales fundamentals, immersive sales training, and tailored sales coaching. Pclub offers a wide range of online sales training courses. 

Here’s how Pclub’s programs help you unlock sales success.

Master The Fundamentals

A sales team is only as good as its leadership, which is why Pclub’s training program focuses on teaching sales leaders effective ways to empower their sales team members and build skills necessary to enhance their sales performance, some of which include:

  • Developing and refining selling skills for the modern market: Map your sales process and strategy to match the contemporary buyers’ journey, ultimately making it easier for buyers at each stage of the process
  • Enhancing prospecting techniques to build a robust sales pipeline: This means using accurate data to build a prospect list, enhancing sales lead qualification, and using a CRM to manage your sales pipeline.
  • Improve time management and leadership skills among your salespeople: Good time management skills are necessary for all sales reps. Help your team refine these skills by improving organization, focusing on processes, focusing on the clients or tasks with the highest ROI, streamlining tasks, and limiting unproductive things like multitasking. 

In today’s dynamic market, sales leaders need an in-depth understanding and application of the sales process. 

Pclub helps leaders focus on:

  • Learning the fundamentals of sales process development and implementation.
  • How to leverage the Pclub playbook to drive effective sales.
  • Incorporating a successful sales strategy within your sales organization.

Immersive Sales Training

Everyone learns differently, which is why Chris designed Pclub’s training programs to offer unique and personalized training modules to transform sales leaders' skills. 

From new sales managers to experienced sales professionals, Pclub’s immersive sales demo training focuses on some key focus areas such as:

  • Learning to lead sales meetings, set sales goals and measure sales results.
  • Role-playing exercises for real-world sales scenarios.
  • Account management and customer relationship-building strategies.

Pclub’s interactive training courses are designed to boost your sales force’s competencies through immersive teaching experiences like:

  • Practical role-playing sessions to perfect sales techniques.
  • Implementing proven sales methodologies and sales forecasting techniques.
  • Effectively leveraging LinkedIn for prospecting and maintaining customer relationships.

Proven Sales Coaching

At Pclub, we believe that great sales managers are created through a tailored sales coaching experience. Our proven sales coaching has helped over 10,000 tech salespeople learn important management skills like:

  • Creating superior sales team performance through enhancing leadership coaching skills.
  • Driving sales results through effective sales enablement.
  • Facilitating the evolution of your sales representatives through a detailed sales plan
  • Mastering the art of pipeline management and learning how to close deals more efficiently.
  • Learning how to use key metrics to track top sales performance in your organization.

The sales management training courses highlighted in this guide all offer unique approaches, teaching techniques and learning outcomes for sales professionals. 

However, if you’re looking for a value-stacked sales management training program led by an industry-recognized sales expert, look no further than the program offered by Chris Orlob at 

Our approach is simple — we teach techniques that actually work and break them down in an easy-to-digest course that you’ll revisit over and over throughout your sales career. 

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