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The 5 Best Sales Presentation Training Courses Right Now

Sales Training
Chris Orlob
February 9, 2024

Mastering the art of the sales presentation can make or break careers for account executives — this is the difference maker for true sales professionals that evolve to have successful sales careers. 

Yet, most sales presentations we see are pretty lackluster. 

Influential sales leader Andy Raskin, agrees:

Most sales presentations don’t need an entire overhaul, but rather a recalibration. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how to improve your sales presentation skills and get better outcomes with your sales demos — plus, choose the best training programs and courses to level up your game. 

What’s the Process for Running an Effective Sales Presentation?

In a competitive marketplace, where consumers are bombarded with information, a well-crafted sales presentation can set a company apart, making it more likely to secure deals and foster long-term partnerships.

In our sales demo training, we use the “F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E” framework to structure and prepare killer sales presentations.

  1. F: Frame the pain
  2. A: Ask the right question
  3. V: Visualize the outcome
  4. O: Orient to the screen
  5. R: Reveal the workflow
  6. I: Implement the value
  7. T: Tell a story
  8. E: Elicit a response

Top 5 Sales Presentation Training Programs

  1. Pclub
  2. Udemy
  3. MTD
  4. Peak
  5. Skillsoft

1. Pclub – Win The Demo

PowerPoint presentations alone are never enough. Pclub’s “Win the Demo” training is designed for SaaS sellers who are ready to go beyond the slide decks and deliver sales demos that win deals. 

Chris Orlob, the instructor, reveals a framework he has used to close millions of dollars of deals over the years. The course lays out the principle, the structure, and the restructure of the demo that brings in new clients. Some of the things you’re going to learn are:

  • The ‘turning point’ of your deal.
  • A powerful language tip to 2x close rates.
  • ‘Pre-call plan’ your demos for maximum impact.
  • Three methods to ‘frame the problem’
  • Overcoming pricing challenges and objection handling.
  • Setting yourself up to achieve lifetime sales success.

2. Udemy Sales Training – The Complete Sales Presentation Course

The online learning platform Udemy has some excellent courses on sales. When it comes to designing sales presentations, none is better than this Sales Training Pro course taught by Jason Teteak.

Jason teaches a step-by-step process to create content your prospect wants to hear. You can use this skill in creating content for your presentations. You’ll also deep dive into face and body language while presenting the slide decks.

With a total of 5.5 hours in length and reviewed by over 352 people, this is the perfect sales presentation course on a budget.

3. MTD Sales Training

Any sales team will benefit from personalized content — and that’s what you’ll get with MTD sales training. 

Their training program covers the following concepts:

  • What makes a powerful sales presentation
  • Understanding different presentation types
  • The Four C’s of presentation model
  • Creating a positive first impression
  • Understanding buyer motivations in sales

4. Peak Selling

The Peak Selling workshop on sales presentation is designed for new salespeople looking to improve their presentation skills. Workshops offer more hands-on experience, which is vital for newbies.

This workshop touches on basic and advanced concepts like benchmarking sales presentations, organizing content, setting objectives, designing visual arts, customizing, and delivering.

So, this workshop is a good fit if you’ve got new salespeople on your team.

5. Skillsoft: Sales Presentation Skill Building

Skillsoft has a really good training program for creating powerful sales presentations. The training is designed for salespeople, IT professionals, business leaders, bankers, and anyone who wants to create a presentation.

It covers all the basic concepts of sales presentation, like preparation, structuring, and designing. In addition, a few follow-up courses help you enhance necessary related skills like communication for clarity.

Identifying Training Needs for Sales Teams

The best sales managers are equipped to understand their sales team’s training needs. 

Sales reps should receive all-around sales training to succeed, which is the aim of our corporate sales training programs.

Here are several steps you can take to identify sales skills training needs for your team.

Conduct a one-on-one skill assessment

  • Skill assessment is the first step in understanding the existing skill set of the sales reps. 
  • These assessments reveal what the employees know, what they don’t know, and what they should know. In other words, it finds the gaps.
  • Even better if you can conduct one-on-one skill assessments. This allows you to dig deeper into the needs of each employee and offer personalized training.
  • Start by assessing the current skill set of your sales team. This can be done through individual assessments, performance reviews, or self-assessments. Identify both strengths and areas that need improvement.
  • Common skills to assess include communication, product knowledge, negotiation, closing techniques, and relationship-building.

Analyze the performance metrics and sales performance data

  • Performance metrics and sales numbers reveal where salespersons are falling short.
  • Review key performance indicators (KPIs) and sales metrics to identify patterns or areas of underperformance. 
  • Look at conversion rates, lead generation, deal closure rates, and customer satisfaction scores.
  • This data can highlight specific aspects of the sales process where additional training may be beneficial.
  • The human resource department often has learning and development data on the performance metrics of employees. Utilizing an LMS for corporate training can also help track this data a bit easier. 

Seek feedback from sales employees

  • Most sales leaders will get direct feedback during in-person one on one’s with their team members, or can also gather it from surveys and HR teams. 
  • Encourage open communication with your sales team. 

Seek customer feedback

  • Digging into customers’ experiences and perceptions about the sales reps can also offer valuable clues. This valuable source of information can help you tailor training programs.
  • It’s beneficial to interview recent customers and seek feedback on their interaction with the sales team — especially an executive decision-makers. 

What Does Sales Presentation Skills Training Consist Of?

Communication Skills for Professional Sales

  • When you’re presenting sales decks to a potential customer, you’re communicating how to solve a problem. How succinctly you communicate ultimately determines whether or not you close the deal.
  • Having strong communication skills demonstrates sales acumen
  • Interactive role playing exercises to improve communication in sales. 
  • Discussion among the peers or one-on-one communication with the trainer helps in that regard.
  • Proper sales discovery is also about asking the right questions

Business Presentation Best Practices

  • The importance of a meticulously crafted and compelling sales pitch cannot be overstated. And sales superstars know when to pitch to potential customers during or after the presentation.
  • A high quality sales pitch also involves presenting a successful sales demo to the prospects. 

Body Language

  • Research has shown that communication is 55% body language, 38% tone of voice, and only 7% spoken words.
  • Body language is a powerful non-verbal communication tool that significantly influences the effectiveness of a sales presentation. 
  • Great sales presentations require you to maintain the right body language to communicate effectively. 

Types of Sales Presentation Training

Training Programs Focused on Improving Selling Skills

The first are the training programs focused on improving overall selling skills. The sales presentation is a component of the larger set. 

This training focuses on the development of all-round selling skills. More often than not, you’re presented with pre-recorded videos and study materials. But you can also expect live discussion and help.

Instructor-led Public Speaking Training Courses

The second type is instructor-led public speaking training courses. These are delivered online live by a renowned sales trainer, often in large groups. Instructor-led training is great to learn from the best in the game but may lack personalization.

Training Sessions Focused on Understanding and Addressing Customer Needs

The third type is training sessions that focus on the employee’s needs. The instructors will understand the needs and then design the training based on those needs.

Top Account Executives Prefer Pclub

Our SaaS sales training programs are led by the top 0.01% of sales leaders — additionally, we offer customized mentorship and training solutions that ensure a robust foundation for long-term sales success. 

We recommended getting started with AE training that covers all the advanced selling skills that make an AE indispensable such as Unlock The Level Up – where Sean Gentry unveils how he trained 100+ AEs that helped him grow SaaS businesses 10x in ARR. 

The techniques include the top-secret diagnostic coaching method he uses to skyrocket AE attainment while at Webflow, Outreach, and Zillow.

Get Started — Unlock The Level Up 🔥

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