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5 Best Sales Training Courses & Programs for Consultants

Sales Training
Chris Orlob
December 14, 2023

In this guide, you’ll browse our selection of top sales training courses and programs for consultants. 

Who is this guide for?

  • Any solopreneur that sells consulting services for a living. 
  • Anyone that sells professional services and needs help overcoming common sales challenges and increasing sales performance. 
  • Sales consultants that sell services to B2B organizations, and are seeking to improve their own sales processes across areas like lead gen, follow-ups, consultative selling, social media marketing strategies and beyond. 
  • This guide will mostly provide examples that are relevant to sales consultants, although anyone selling professional services can benefit from them. 

What you’ll get from this guide:

  • Courses and programs for upskilling specific areas of the sales cycle, such as running the discovery, SaaS demo, & selling to executives.
  • Training solutions for developing the sales process, sales analysis, and sales organization for your client.
  • The selection includes Pclub’s expert sales courses and training programs, which are led by the top 1% of sales leaders.
  • We also included alternative options offered by traditional sales leadership training companies like Sandler, Topaz and the RAIN group. 

We understand that selling professional services, in the current landscape, requires taking sales conversations from generic to specific — this expert guide is loaded with practical examples you can learn from. 

The 5 Best Sales Training Programs for Consultants Heading Into 2024

  1. Pclub
  2. Topaz
  3. Sales Xceleration
  4. RAIN
  5. Sandler

1. Pclub’s online sales training courses for consultants.

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Pclub is the only sales training outfit that provides interactive sales coaching from the top 0.01% of sales leaders. 

We know salespeople struggle to internalize sales training when coached by trainers they do not perceive as experts. 

So, as a consultant, we provide customized sales training from experts in the form of online sales training and a 6-day intensive bootcamp. 

This arrangement ensures you’re taking real-time assessments and sales training from sales leaders in a highly controlled and interactive learning environment. 

When you sign up for the bootcamp, you’ll automatically unlock access to all of Pclub’s courses at no extra charge. 

Ready to take your sales game to the next level? Join 10,000+ salespeople growing their companies across top companies like LinkedIn, HubSpot, Slack, Gong, and Zoom — amongst others. 

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How Pclub’s online courses help consultants drive revenue for companies. 

You’ll Learn Modern Sales Techniques That Represent How B2B Buyers Want To Buy – Not How Reps Want To Sell. 

Today’s buyers are:

  • Overwhelmed with conflicting options
  • Extremely cautious with their budget 
  • And have a Fear Of Messing Up (FOMU)

That’s why sellers must understand that B2B buyers have a set of buying conditions and will only buy from reps with B2B selling skills matching those conditions. 

Most people believe the transition to remote interaction means it’s difficult to close high-ticket deals virtually. When, in fact, this McKinsey study shows that 27% of B2B buyers are willing to close purchases over $500,000 remotely. 

Key takeaway: You have the huge opportunity to skyrocket your sales consulting business by combining your expertise with modern selling techniques that match B2B buyer’s preferences

Here are four online sales training programs that help you do exactly that. 

SaaS Discovery Masterclass

In this course, Chris Orlob teaches salespeople to, first, acknowledge the reality of the market: buyers would only spend on true priorities right now! 

Reps who don’t know how to discover those priorities and the conditions driving them will struggle to make sales. 

Then Chris Orlob will walk you through the 5-step discovery system he used to grow Gong from $200k to $200M, increase his income to $1.63M, and train thousands of sales professionals to sell through an economic downturn. 

The same system sales leaders like Jasi Johnson are now using to close more deals in a tight market. 

Win The Demo

In this course, you’ll learn how to walk into any demo with rock-solid confidence because you not only know the conditions driving a customer’s buying priorities but also because you’ve learned exactly what to say, do, and show in (almost) every demo situation. 

You’ll master effective and repeatable demo frameworks, such as F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E, to run demos that get buyers engaged. 

No more demos that feel like a roll of the dice. No more talking to a stonewall. Just demos that close deals fast. 

See case studies from past learners

Rig The Game

In this course, Chris Orlob teaches you how to bake competitive selling into customer interactions. 

One of the competitive selling tactics you’ll learn is how to rig the buying criteria, the buying process and buying committee in your favor so that customers prefer you more than the competitors. 

Selling With Champions

In this course, Nate Nasralla, the guy who created the seven-figure champion development process, teaches YOU a repeatable process for champion development so you can close six and seven-figure deals consistently, even when you’re not in the room.

Learn how to create a custom sales strategy, build a fearless sales team, and utilize deal champions to accelerate sales cycles. 

Mastering these aspects empowers you to adapt, innovate, lead successful teams, and deliver superior results in a competitive sales landscape. 

Here’s how:

  • You’ll discover how top frontline managers use diagnostic coaching to drive AE performance in Unlock the Level Up.
  • Set yourself up for sales success when you discover the step-by-step 30,60 90 day action plan that great sales managers use to crush their first 90 days on the job in Sink or Swim.  
  • Eliminate the chances of bad attrition and poor sales culture when you unlock the foundation of great SaaS hiring with Chris Orlob’s Sales Hiring Masterclass.
  • Stop losing deals to “no decision” by learning exactly how to systematically dismantle your buyers’ status quo in Killing The Maybe

Unlock all courses now 🔥

2. Topaz

Topaz Consulting wants to change how the world perceives, values, hires, and trains salespeople. The group works with consulting clients to address their unique industry-specific sales and hiring challenges. 

The Buyer Facilitator Training is one of the ways they achieve their mission. 

Why it’s great for consultants.

The Buyer Facilitator Training challenges consultants to redefine what they believe about sales and develop time-tested sales philosophies and processes that deliver consistent results.

The training involves weekly live sessions where you’ll strategize on upcoming prospect calls, share customer engagement stories, and receive specialized insights from Sales Coaches to have high-impact conversations with your customers.

The delivery method

The program comprises live coaching sessions and real-time training via online training videos, group coaching and weekly coach-led discussions.

Who’s your trainer?

Topaz expert Sales Coaches with decades of experience. 

What’s the pricing?

Available on request.

3. Sales Xceleration

Sales Xceleration is among the most prominent outsourced sales leadership service providers in the US.  

The group’s mission is to create a path for experienced sales management professionals to become outsourced sales leaders who enjoy a better work/home life balance and have a newfound freedom and control over their lives.

Why it’s great for consultants.

Sales Xceleration’s Certified Sales Leadership Training prepares you with the analytical, tactical, and strategic business development skills needed to drive revenue growth for your clients, now and into the future. 

The program is best for entrepreneur-minded sales leaders who want to use their experience to lead a successful sales consulting firm.  

The delivery method

Sales Xceleration’s sales training takes place on-site via 1-on-1 classroom training. 

Who’s your trainer?

The training is delivered by experienced Sales Leaders who have over 25+ years of proven sales experience 

What’s the pricing?

Available on request. 

4. RAIN Consulting Group

RAIN Group is a leading sales consulting service provider and an award-winning sales training company. 

With a strict adherence to the RAIN selling methodology (Rapport, Aspiration & Affliction, Impact, and New Reality), they train organizations to unleash their sales team’s hidden potential. 

Why it’s great for consultants.

The Sales Transformation Training program is designed for upskilling sales teams, but consultants can benefit greatly from learning the groups’ Execution Assurance Framework. 

The framework is divided into three unique functions: CRAFT, DELIVER and ENABLE, which provide consultants with unique insights to drive business results effectively. 

The delivery method

The training is delivered through virtual and in-person classroom Sessions

Who’s your trainer?

RAIN Group’s sales training programs are led by experienced sales leaders. 

What’s the pricing?

Available on request.

5. Sandler

Sandler is recognized as one of the most effective enterprise sales training outfits

The Sales Leadership Development Training provides sales leaders with the skills and tools they need to cement themselves as valuable, results-driven consultants and business owners. 

Why it’s great for consultants focused on inside sales teams.

Sandler’s Sales Leadership Development training empowers revenue-generating leaders, such as consultants, to transform their skillsets into results-driven leadership.

Through a customizable program with nine different courses and three customized learning paths to select from, the training program provides you with the necessary skills to train and coach teams on all aspects of pipeline management

The delivery method

Online video courses and continuous learning programs. 

Who’s your trainer?

Sandler’s sales coaches.

What’s the pricing?

Available on request. 

What is the role of a sales consultant?

The underlying goal of a consultant’s job is to increase the client’s bottom line either by:

  • overhauling the entire sales approach
  • optimizing a specific area
  • training reps to become more effective
  • replacing a senior member on a contractual basis.

Consultants typically engage in the following tasks:

1. Developing a sales strategy

consultants work with their clients to develop a plan to achieve specific business outcomes through sales. 

This involves:

  • establishing sales objectives and milestones
  • outlining the company's positioning
  • defining its unique value proposition and messaging
  • scrutinizing the competitive landscape.

2. Optimizing the sales process

The sales process is a chain-link system. Each stage of the cycle is only as strong as the weakest link. You can’t run a successful demo without an effective discovery call. 

So, when companies cannot generate new business, consultants often examine a web of issues negatively impacting sales by asking critical questions.

  • Are we seeing a cocktail glass-shaped funnel or a teardrop? 
  • Are reps struggling to get deals past the qualifying stage or struggling to close deals? 
  • Is the company working with outdated data? 
  • Do reps need more training in virtual selling?

With that insight, consultants further examine the sales process to proffer tailored solutions. 

3. Sales Training and Coaching

Continuous sales training is critical for closing the B2B sales skills gap in the sales market today. The acceleration of tech innovation and shift to remote/hybrid work mean organizations must constantly evaluate the current salesforce's skills and what’s needed in the future. 

Consultants can lead sales coaching or recommend effective SaaS sales training programs that help reps learn new selling tactics that work for today’s buyers. A consultative sales approach is an instance of such a selling tactic. 

4. Prospecting and Lead Generation

Companies can engage consultants to handle specific sales cycle stages, such as prospecting and lead generation. 

This involves a range of strategies, from traditional methods like referrals to leveraging cold outreach via email, phone calls, and platforms like LinkedIn. 

Grab The 10X Cold Email Template to level up your outbound outreach. 

5. Developing the sales organization 

Expert consultants often transition from a sales leadership role. 

That way, they are often looked upon to provide insights on the following areas:

The methodology behind successful consulting services

The consulting business depends on your ability to leverage specialized knowledge, and utilizing it to deliver results for clients. 

To foster long-term working relationships, you need a clear, effective and sustainable business methodology. A typical consulting firm’s methodology revolves around three key components:

  1. Strategy: This is the foundation of your business. It includes your plan to achieve a business outcome for clients, your unique offering, your core values, principles, and goals. 
  2. Skills: The combination of your knowledge, domain expertise, and execution skills. These are the things that enable you to deliver tailored solutions.
  3. Systems: An array of processes, software, sales tools, frameworks, and networks that enable you to achieve consistent and measurable results.

That way, your methodology combines your unique expertise and market realities to create purposeful sales strategies that deliver different results for different clients in different scenarios.

Why top-performing consultants go with pclub

Top-performing consultants come to use when they need expert-led sales training. All Pclub’s courses are delivered by sales leaders in the top 0.01%.

Aside from that, we provide customized skill development programs so that each consultant gets the training they need to close specific skill gaps. 

These courses have helped over 10,000 sales leaders hone their skills, train their teams, generate revenue for their clients, and, ultimately, fall in love with sales again.

Get the Business Plan to unlock all access to the best training courses and programs for consultants.  

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