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What People Are Saying

"Find problems customers are willing to fund!"

“I watched SaaS Discovery Masterclass from start to end. For anyone considering it, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It provides a fantastic structure for great SaaS discovery. Plus, specific, word-for-word questions that help you uncover the business problem a customer is trying to solve. The techniques help you find problems that customers are willing to fund, and create urgency by opening your client’s eyes to the full scope of their problem."
Oliver Bailey, Senior Account Executive, Ebsta
"Your commission checks will thank you!"

"Chris is one of the best coaches I’ve come across in 20 years of selling. He offers thoughtful and actionable advice that is clear, concise, and impactful. His approach to asking “negative impact questions” has been a game-changer for my discovery calls, helping me drive urgency, uncover quantifiable business pain, and win more business. Whether you’re new to SaaS sales, or you’re experienced, I highly recommend taking his courses. Your commission checks will thank you!”
Dan Woodhead, Sr AE, Calendly
"I'm winning opportunities I would have otherwise lost"

"In the world of SaaS sales, we know that discovery is ongoing throughout every stage of a sales cycle. Chris’s approach to mastering discovery is the golden ticket to understanding a client’s true pain (by “peeling back the layers of the onion”), quantifying the impact, and doing it in a natural way. His discovery trainings have helped me as an AE confidently have conversations around quantifiable impact, leading me to win opportunities I would have otherwise missed. If Chris is teaching it, I’m taking it."
Gretchen Reynolds, AE, Gong
"Higher total contract value already"

"Chris, your discovery masterclass is the best. The negative impact lesson has already helped me move a few deals to the next stage with a higher TCV. I've listened to each lesson probably 2-3x since Saturday. Everything is so actionable. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to seeing what you come out with next."
Nick Zee, Account Director, LinkedIn
"I now ask questions I never would have thought - or dared to ask."

"There are a few leaders who have shaped me as a sales pro - Chris is one of them. But based on "learnings per minute", Chris is by far number 1. He is a fountain of insight and a true enabler - he won't tell you something before fully exhausting the room's ability to find the answer. His approach to discovery led me to start asking questions I would never have thought - or dared - to ask. And I know WHY I'm asking and how to best phrase questions for maximum impact. I will continue to actively seek out his content."
Nathan Easom, AE, DemoStack
Never Have I Been Part of a Community that has drIveN such tangible impact on my personal and professional life.
The course specific discussion groups coupled with the live deal channels where we strategize as a community is unlike anything I’ve ever had access to before.”
Profile picture of Alex Moffitt
Christian Allen
Account Executive,
Trained our teams on
the Discovery Masterclass.
already seeing increase in conversion. Several reps said this was the most actionable sales training they've ever DONE.”
Profile picture of Alex Moffitt
Alex Moffitt
Global Technical Sales Manager, Fusion 360 at Autodesk


Do I get instant access to the Community?
Yes! You get online access as soon as you sign up for Platinum Passport. You'll receive an email from our team with your access link and instructions following your purchase.

The community is based in Slack, so be sure to download the slack app on your computer or phone to stay up-to-date with the conversations.
What can I expect once I've joined?
Our Skillstacker community is an active group of SaaS Sellers and Thought Leaders ready to share and learn from one another. Engaging is not required, but highly recommended! You'll also be able to connect 1:1 with like minded sellers to network and problem solve together.

With your Platinum Passport membership, youl'll have unlimited access tothe most powerful 'vault' of SaaS sales online courses on the planet.

With access to these courses, you'll skyrocket your SaaS sales skills... So you can grow your SaaS sales income, revenue, and attainment at breakneck speed... Guaranteed.
Is this lifetime access or is it for a year?
Your community access is dependent upon your Platinum Passport subscription. We offer both a monthly and annual subscription, but recommend an annual subscription to make the most out of the community and course access.
What is the big, bold promise of The Platinum Passport?
The Platinum Passport is the most powerful 'vault' of SaaS sales online courses on the planet.

With access to these courses, you'll skyrocket your SaaS sales skills... So you can grow your SaaS sales income, revenue, and attainment at breakneck speed... Guaranteed.
What if for any reason I don’t like it?
Annual subscribers can email us within the first 30 days and say this, “I don’t like it.”If you don’t get the results you want during that time, we'll pay you 100% of your money back.

Please note: We have thousands of 5-star reviews and the lowest refund rate around so we are very confident you will get the results you want. :)
I’ve already tried a bunch of stuff -- How is this different?
We love this question because what you're really asking 'will this time be different?'

You might even be wondering if YOU can 'pull off' the advanced techniques in the courses. Valid concern!

Here's the deal: Almost EVERY sales professional that has signed up for this THOUGHT THE EXACT SAME THING.And yet... this time WAS DIFFERENT

Our methods are based on PROVEN SaaS sales techniques that helped grow from $200k to $200M in annual revenue and a $7.2B valuation.

There are also 10,000 (and growing) SaaS sellers, leaders, and entrepreneurs with unique, amazing success stories and over 500 community members ready to help you grow your SaaS Sales career.

When you discover how to “create insane buying urgency” and "run sales demos that SELL,” a number of fantastic things happen:

- You hit your revenue goals faster and easier than ever before

- You unlock your pipeline's hidden power and potential

- You learn the exact sales techniques I’ve used to go from $36k to $1.7 MILLION in annual income

- You take control of your deals and use buyer tension as fuel for success (this is huge)

- You discover the keys to create certainty and predictive revenue and attainment (even in uncertain times)

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