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8 Best SaaS Sales Training Programs & Courses for 2024

Sales Training
Chris Orlob
February 19, 2024

What is a SaaS Sales Training Program?

A SaaS Sales Training Program is a comprehensive program specifically structured to enhance and develop sales professionals with the right knowledge, skills and techniques to sell SaaS products and services. 

This training program can take several formats. It can be an in-person seminar or a workshop, providing you with direct, interactive experiences. For instance, role-playing exercises, where you can practice software sales in a controlled environment.

Alternatively, the program can also be a live, online training event or a virtual course that can be completed at your pace. This offers the flexibility to engage in the training from any location, making it a convenient option for sales professionals with busy schedules.

SaaS sales training programs may be utilized to assist with new hire onboarding, or simply help in-house sales teams improve their sales performance. 

Regardless of the format, the program’s objective remains the same — to help B2B sellers master the SaaS sales process.  

This includes: 

  • Consultative selling approaches.
  • Demonstrating product knowledge. 
  • Handling objections and closing deals.

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Who Can Benefit from SaaS Sales Training?

  • Account executives who directly manage the sales pipeline.

  • Sales engineers who provide technical product onboarding to prospects and new customers.

  • Sales managers who oversee the entire online sales process, from planning to coaching to CRM management and beyond. 
  • Customer success teams who ensure customer satisfaction and retention post-purchase/after-sale. 
  • Business Development Representatives (BDRs) tasked with generating and qualifying new leads. 

In essence, a SaaS sales training program empowers sales teams with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of software sales.

The 8 Best SaaS Sales Training Programs & Online Courses

Whether you’re new to the world of SaaS sales or a seasoned professional, these carefully selected programs, known for their comprehensive curriculum and proven results, are designed to help you boost your sales performance and crush your sales goals. 

1. The Platinum Passport by

PClub is a top-rated sales learning platform and online course library for SaaS and tech salespeople. Known for helping sales professionals grow their income and company revenue, Pclub now offers a program called The Platinum Passport

The Platinum Passport is a SaaS sales training program that dives deep into the fundamentals of SaaS sales. It explores everything from understanding the SaaS business model and subscription economics to mastering sales techniques tailored for the SaaS environment.

The program is structured to equip you with practical strategies to handle common customer objections, conduct persuasive product demos, and deliver a consultative selling approach.  

Furthermore, The Platinum Passport enjoys a stellar reputation as the #1 online course for SaaS Sellers on the internet. 

This claim is backed by a robust community of 10,000+ SaaS sellers who have leveraged the program to drive sales for their respective companies. This included professionals from SaaS companies like Slack, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Zoom, Calendly, among others.

And the brain behind this immense success is Chris Orlob

Who is Chris Orlob?

Chris Orlob is the co-founder of, QuotaSignal, and former director of Sales at 

Before, Chris grew Gong from $200k to $200M+ ARR and a $7.2B valuation. He built and led the #1-attaining Sales segment and has gone on to train salespeople at several organizations.  

Key features and curriculum highlights

The Platinum Passport program currently features several value-packed courses that break down every aspect of selling SaaS products to the right prospects, irrespective of the economy. 

A quick view of the curriculum includes: 

  • Rig The Game (value $5,000). Chris teaches you 20+ uncommon strategies on how to win your “unfair share” of competitive deals… so you never lose out again. 
  • Conquer the Cold Call (value $197). A 90-minute course teaching you the cold call scripts, techniques and formulas Trent Dressel used to close $1.472M ARR in a year — all from cold calling. 
  • Release the Funds ($4,997). Learn the exact steps B2B tech reps use to sell to CFOs and get them to say ‘YES’ — even in an economic meltdown. The course also includes research from ten CFOs of $100,000,000 companies on how they buy and sell them.
  •  Selling With Champions (value $2,997). World’s renowned champion expert, Nate Nasralla, teaches you how to create champions that sell when you’re not there. His techniques are responsible for creating a $1.19M average deal size. 

You also get access to bi-weekly coaching sessions (valued at $2,250) and the $100M discovery deck (valued at $10,000). 

Pricing options and affordability

The Platinum Passport program is valued at $30,000 but gives you access to unlock every course with an annual subscription of $997

Delivery method

The Platinum Passport program is online based. 

Alternatively, Chris runs a six-day virtual live sales training session teaching sales teams how to effectively sell their SaaS.  

This session is priced at a one-time fee of $25,000 with a guarantee to:

  • Help AEs improve close rates.
  • Drive urgency and velocity.
  • Sell through a recession. 

Recommended → Read 100+ reviews and testimonials from the website. 

2. Revenue Academy by Winning by Design

Winning by Design (WbD) is a global B2B company that prides itself on training recurring revenue teams, imparting them with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve sustainable growth. 

Founded in 2012, WbD has helped over 600 organizations around the world — some of which include UberEats, DocuSign, Dialpad, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Calendly, and Adobe. 

To attain this height of success, WbD developed a training program called the Revenue Academy — a live instructor-led training with a certification awarded to participants after the exam. 

The Revenue Academy utilizes a practical, hands-on approach, blending scientific frameworks with proven models to deliver tangible results. This works for sales professionals, an SDR/BDR, a member of a customer success team, or a revenue manager/leader — the program is tailored to meet your specific needs irrespective of your department. 

And this whole infrastructure runs via a team of operators led by one man — Jacco van der Kooij.

Who is Jacco van der Kooij?

Jacco van der Kooij is a SaaS GTM expert, founder of Winning by Design, and author of ‘Blueprint for SaaS Sales Organization,’ among others. 

Before running WbD, Jacco was the VP of Corporate Strategy at QUMU (now acquired by Rimage) and VP of Worldwide Sales at KONTIKI. He is also a regular keynote speaker at conferences like SaaStock, MarketingProfs, and Dreamforce. 

Key features and curriculum highlights

The Revenue Academy features ten live courses that cut across private equity, sales, marketing, customer success and revenue enablement. 

However, since we’re focused on SaaS sales, only five of these courses are recommended. 

Here’s a quick overview of each course:

  • Selling for impact (cost $1,500 per seat.)

Best for Account Executives (AEs), SDRs, and AE Managers,  who want to learn how to have better conversations with clients

  • Prospecting for impact (cost $1,500 per seat)

Helps new SDRs and BDRs learn proper communication techniques and best practices for maximizing prospecting time. 

  • Customer Success for Impact (cost $1,500 per seat) 

Teaches how to manage client-business relationships after the initial sale. This includes learning the skills required to bring recurring impact to your customers with every interaction. 

  • Managing for impact (cost $2,500 per seat)

Teaches effective sales management techniques, including creating a coaching culture within your team, running effective 1:1 meetings, and using role-play and call reviews to impact customer experience positively. 

  • Revenue Architecture (cost $2,500 per seat)

Teaches the fundamentals of recurring revenue and how to align all revenue functions (Sales, Marketing, and CS) under one operational model.

Pricing options and affordability

The Revenue Academy is priced on a ‘per-course basis’ — meaning you pay for each course in the bundle.  

The price of each course ranges between $1,500 to $2,500. 

However, if your organization plans to train eight people or more, you must reach out to discuss private course options. 

Delivery method

All WbD’s courses are live online courses featuring four 2-hour sessions delivered weekly via Zoom.  

Note: WbD only accepts/enrolls a maximum of 25 learners. 

3. Sales Done Right by John Barrows

John Barrows is the founder of JB Consulting and a top B2B sales trainer for fast-growing companies like Slack, Salesforce, Splunk, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Workday, LinkedIn, Okta and many others. 

John boasts 25 years of experience working in several roles in sales, from making 400 dials in a week to becoming a VP of Sales at Thrive Networks (Now acquired by Staples). He’s tagged ‘Top Voices in Sales on LinkedIn,’ ‘Top 30 Social Salespeople in the World’ by Forbes, and Salesforce considers him one of the ‘Game-Changing Sales Influencers’ you should be following. 

John’s idea behind ‘Sales Done Right’ is simply to help sales professionals have meaningful and deal-closing conversations with clients. 

In the famous words of John Barrows— 

“I believe that when Sales is done right, it’s one of the greatest professions in the world, but when done wrong, it’s one of the worst. 
When done right, Sales provides opportunities and the ability for people and companies to thrive while making a positive impact on the world around them.”

Key features and curriculum highlights

The Sales Done Right program is offered in two ways, individual training and team training.

Individual training. 

This live monthly training program comes with an On Demand Library designed to help you acquire the techniques and skills needed to drive immediate results on your next client call.

This package includes: 

  • Live monthly workshops on various sale-related topics with a strong focus on execution. 
  • Live monthly AMA (ask-me-anything) sessions directly with John Barrows
  • Certifications on Signature Program (Filling the Funnel & Driving to Close). 
  • Price: $365 per year. 
Team training. 

This is a proven training program for sales teams who want immediate results while positioning them for long-term success. 

The team training program has three options, each accommodating teams of different sizes and budgets. 

They include: 

JB Team Membership

  • Everything in individual training +
  • Up to 30 licenses. 
  • Price: $5,000
JB Flex. 
  • Everything in JB Team Membership
  • Unlimited membership  to Sell Better Teams membership
  • 4-hour live coaching by John. 
  • Price: $25,000
JB Dedicated. 

This is a per-request training session for sales teams who want a tailored session to fit their needs. It includes: 

  • (3) two-hour remote sessions or (1) day on-site session for up to 30 reps at a time. 
  • Team exercises and role-playing with a focus on immediate application. 
  • Complete access to Sell Better membership for all trainees and managers. 
  • Playbook and reinforcement documentation. 
  • Pre and post-training calls with management. 
  • Certification of the selected Signature course. 

Delivery method

The majority of John Barrow’s training sessions are live, and in real-time. In addition, you also get access to courses from the Sell Better community featuring Devin Reed, Jed Mahrle, Megan Holsinger, James Buckley, Ashleigh Early, and Richard Harris. 

4. From Demo-to-Close University (FDTCU) by Mor Assouline

The FDTCU is a year-long (12-month) coaching initiative designed for Small to Medium Businesses (SMB), Mid-Market (MM), and Enterprise Account Executives (AEs). 

The program aims to equip these professionals with the tools and techniques to double their quota without resorting to aggressive sales approaches. Instead, they learn to perfect their discovery process, product demonstrations, and follow-up strategies.

The program is structured around:

  • Techniques to effectively manage a deal involving several decision-makers.
  • Understanding the appropriate timing and method for seeking a deal closure.
  • Strategies to build trust and position yourself as an industry authority with whom your clients aspire to collaborate.
  • Tactics to expand existing accounts via effective upselling and cross-selling strategies.
  • Approaches to preemptively address potential objections before they surface.

Several AEs from companies like ZoomInfo, HubSpot, Dialpad, Zendesk, CBInsights and many more have also benefited from this program. 

Who is Mor Assouline?

Mor Assouline is the Founder of FDTC and host of SaaS Talks. He boasts an impressive record as a 3X VP of Sales known for tripling ARR in 12 months for two startups, leading one to a multi-million dollar acquisition and another to a $20M Series A. 

Asides from his executive roles, Mor is a respected Sales Leader recognized for his ability to train AEs to consistently close over 50% of their sales demos and exceed their quotas by more than 100% in less than eight months. His unique methodologies have helped several AEs shorten their sales cycle from 75 to 30 days, closing major brands like Fanjoy, Ikonick, and more. 

He has also been featured on Techstars, Saleshacker, 30 Minutes to President’s Club, John Barrow’s Sell Better and Challenger Sales. 

Key features and curriculum highlights

The FDTCU runs a 12-month intensive program that includes: 

  • Live weekly sales coaching calls. Weekly group coaching calls, where Mor helps AEs navigate their deals and answer their questions. 
  • Live sales workshops. You work hand-in-hand with Mor on everything from crafting your cold email to improving your demo. 
  • Inner circle support group. An exclusive AE member community to get professional help from other AEs anytime without feeling judged. 
  • Unlimited Sales Resources. Including access to Mor’s famous ‘Sales Cocktail’ swipe file, which includes hundreds of curated actionable sales advice from experts across B2B SaaS Sales.  

The program’s curriculum contains nine models (+ bonus models) spread throughout the training. 

Pricing options and affordability

The FDTCU costs $997 per year

However, if you're a SaaS company wanting to train your sales team, there are other options. 

  • Coaching & consulting start at $3,000/m.
  • Training & workshops start at $5,000.

Delivery method

The FDTCU is a live-online training.

5. Sales Skills Training and Coaching by SalesHood

SalesHood is a renowned sales enablement and training solutions provider that delivers practical and engaging training programs to drive sales success. Amongst its many offerings is the Sales Skills Training and Coaching. 

The Sales Skills Training and Coaching is an intense 24-module course teaching sales and customer success teams how to increase productivity and master B2B SaaS sales.

Each module encompasses a wide range of topics and modules tailored to different aspects of the sales process — all based on Elay Cohen’s experience leading sales enablement in Salesforce. Cohen, a leader in SaaS sales, imparts strategies and lessons based on his real-world experiences, making the course informative and highly practical.    

A few companies using Saleshood’s training include ActivTrak, Alation, Copado, Omada Healthcare, Planview, PowerSchool and RingCentral. 

Who is Elay Cohen?

Elay Cohen is the CEO & Co-founder of Saleshood, a community platform for sales professionals. Elay is also the author of ‘Saleshood: How Winning Sales Managers Inspire Sales Teams to Succeed’ and several other books. 

He’s also recognized as a top Innovative ‘Mover and Shaker’ in sales leadership by Entrepreneur magazine and recognized by LinkedIn as one of the world’s top sales experts. Prior to Saleshood, Elay led Salesforce from $500M to $3B in revenue as VP of Sales.

Key features and curriculum highlights

The Sales Skills Training and Coaching features a structured 24-module library. Here are a few highlights of the module:

  • Deal Reviews. Learn to review potential deals, assess their viability, and strategize to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • Account Planning. This module covers various strategies for identifying opportunities, maximizing client relationships, and driving revenue growth within existing accounts.

  • Elevator Pitch Practice. Learn, develop, and refine your elevator pitch to grab the prospect’s attention and effectively convey your product’s value proposition quickly.

  • Forecast Review Huddle. Equips you with the skills to assess and interpret sales data, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning

  • Prospecting Multi-Touch Outreach. Teaches tactics and techniques on how to engage potential customers through various touchpoints.

  • Negotiations. You learn techniques on how to negotiate and close deals on favorable terms while maintaining strong customer relationships.

  • Selling Against Competitors. Covers strategies for differentiating their offerings, combating competitive threats, and positioning their products or services favorably against competitors.

Pricing options and affordability

The Saleshood Sales Skills Training and Coaching has no price disclosed publicly but has a free trial option to access the course.  

Delivery method

The Saleshood Sales Skills Training and Coaching is an online library — meaning there are all pre-recorded teachings of Elay Cohen. On the flip side, assignments are given which are being vetted by AI. 

For example, for the Elevator Pitch Practice Module, one of the assignments is to record yourself giving a pitch. Once done, the built-in AI reviews your pitch and gives you feedback on areas to improve. 

6. Top One Percenter Academy by Paul Salamanca & Tom Boccard

The Top One Percenter Academy is an exclusive 12-week sales training program to transform sales professionals into top-performing individuals in their respective industries. The program is grounded in the belief that anyone, with the right tools and mindset, can become part of the top 1% of salespeople, hence the name.

The Academy’s structure helps you learn and refine your sales skills in prospecting, negotiation, closing techniques, and customer relationship management. Furthermore, the curriculum is designed to apply to various industries and sales models, making it a versatile choice for professionals from multiple sectors.

Companies like Reprise, ORACLE, CrowdStrike, Salesforce, Splunk>, Security Scorecard and Billd train their sales reps at TOP Academy. 

Who is Paul Salamanca?

Paul Salamanca is the CEO and Co-founder of TOP Academy. A few of his achievements include being the SVP of Sales at Security Scorecard, a cybersecurity company valued at $1B with over $100M ARR. 

Before becoming a renowned enterprise sales leader, Paul raised over $850M for his last three startups from investors like Sequoia, Google Ventures, Intel Capital and other top investors. He also hosts the Top One Percenter Show with his Co-founder, Thomas Boccard. 

Who is Tom Boccard?

Tom [Thomas] Boccard is the COO and Co-founder of TOP Academy and SDR Defenders. He’s also currently the SVP of Sales at GlobalData Plc, an information services company, and was the former director of Sales at ICPC. 

Tom’s long line of experience cuts across multiple industries, including healthcare, energy and construction, leading him to close clients such as Marathon Oil, ExxonMobil, Chevron Corporation, Baker Hughes, GE, Flowserve, PWC, Deloitte, McKinsey, Bain—and many others. 

Key features and curriculum highlights

Unfortunately, the TOP Academy’s curriculum is not made publicly available. 

Pricing options and affordability

There’s no publicly disclosed price for joining the TOP Academy, and candidates are selected based on the approval of their application. 

Also, it’s important to note that interested candidates can only apply to the TOP Academy once in their entire career. If the candidate does not receive an offer or accept the offer to join TOP Academy Cohort, that candidate may not apply again. In addition, TOP Academy only accepts a select few each quarter. 

Delivery method

The training at TOP Academy is held virtually. 

7. Software/SaaS Sales Training by Funnel Clarity

Funnel Clarity's SaaS sales training program is an online mini-course series tailored to enhance sales teams' skills in selling software solutions. 

Instead of the traditional 'hard sell' approach often encountered in the sales industry, Funnel Clarity opts for a more consultative approach centered around building a 'trusted advisor' relationship with prospects, facilitating a more meaningful and productive interaction.

Furthermore, the foundation of this unique approach results from an exhaustive analysis of hundreds of thousands of sales calls and emails collected over the years. This has allowed Funnel Clarity to apply its methodologies in real-world situations. A few of Funnel Clarity’s clients include LegalZoom, Verizon, ORACLE, and SageIntact. 

Key features and curriculum highlights

Funnel Clarity features six courses tagged under “The Funnel Clarity Roadmap to Revenue”, with each course having its curriculum, practice opportunities and a certificate awarded upon completion (valid for two years). 

  • Fearless Prospecting. This course helps sales professionals overcome discomfort and resistance and teaches tactics for reaching people through multiple touchpoints without losing credibility. 
  • Quota-Crushing Sales. Teaches the consultative sales approach on how to ask the right questions and listen attentively to answers that maximizes the chances of success. 
  • Selling in a New Marketplace. Discover how to identify various strengths and weaknesses in diverse sales settings, recognize challenges and opportunities, and pinpoint effective strategies for success.
  •  Box Out The Competition. Learn effective account management strategies that teach more than responding to customer complaints and inquiries— but also identifying cross-selling, up-selling and value-creation opportunities. 
  •  Inside Sales Formula. This course teaches inside/digital sellers the tactics and strategy necessary for maximum results when selling to remotely located decision-makers, they may never meet in person. 
  •  Qualify for Quality. Teaches the skills that ensure each sales call is effective and impactful, with only real opportunities progressing through the sales funnel.

Pricing options and affordability

Contact Funnel Clarity for a quote. 

Delivery method


8. Klozers | Making Sales Happen

Klozers offers a comprehensive sales training program to empower sales professionals at SMEs and Mid-Market B2B organizations on techniques and strategies to drive sales effectively and contribute to business growth. 

Klozers’ sales training records go as far back as 2011 when they partnered with Microsoft to set up and run the Microsoft Sales Academy during the launch of Office 365. Since then, Klozers has gone to work with industry giants such as HSBC, Global Marine, Spirit Health, Martin Currie, and Love Electric, among others. 

The secret behind Klozers becoming a top pick for these companies is simply due to their ‘work-based learning’ approach, which helps salespeople learn while they’re working. They do this by helping your team create sales campaigns and implementing them along the way. 

This approach is designed to maximize information retention among attendees. Plus, it operates concurrently with the live pipeline coaching, a program that assists participants in converting deals they are pursuing.

Key features and curriculum highlights

Klozer’s SaaS sales training course has two different agendas targeted towards two roles common in SaaS: SDRs and Account Executives (AEs). 

SDR Training

This is a 4-session training strictly focused on helping SDRs in finding new leads. 

  • Session 1 teaches the Sales Psychology behind every sale and how to use it to your advantage. 
  • Session 2 is about Discovery and Qualifying, and it teaches how to position your solution in front of the right people, at the right time and with the right message. 
  • Session 3 is Outbound Prospecting and here you’re learning telephone selling skills, securing demos and second meetings. Also included is developing messaging across several paint points. 
  • Session 4  is tagged Filling your Sales Funnel, where you discover long and short-term strategies for driving new sales enquiries while maximizing your productivity. 
Account Executives Training

This is another 4-session training for Account Executives on closing and growing customer accounts. 

  • Session 1 teaches Sales Psychology following the same principle as the one for SDRs. 
  • Session 2 teaches Selling Value, not Price, by making your value proposition compelling whilst eliminating pricing objections. 
  • Session 3 is about How to Demo SaaS Products in a way that gets the prospect to buy the solution — and a repeatable winning process. 
  • Session 4 teaches Closing Deals by understanding your customer's decision-making process.  

Pricing options and affordability

Klozers’ Sales Training Course costs £1,750 per team per month. 

Delivery method

Klozers offers four different formats for its Sales Training program:

  • An intensive on-site 1-day boot camp.
  • A remote format, split into two half-day workshops, with dates and times confirmed upon booking. 
  • A virtual format consisting of 4 live, 90-minute sessions delivered during the first three weeks of each month. Upon booking, you're automatically enrolled in the next course, which commences on the first Thursday of each month. 
  • The open classes, which are conducted monthly, are limited to just 12 participants. This measure ensures that each class maintains an intimate setting, preventing overcrowding and facilitating more personalized attention.

What to Look For in a SaaS Sales Training Program

Navigating the SaaS Sales Training landscape can be daunting, especially given the diverse programs outlined in this post. 

Here are a few key factors to consider when choosing a SaaS training program. 

Industry-Specific Curriculum

Look for a SaaS training program offering a curriculum tailored to the SaaS industry. This includes modules on prospecting, lead generation, effective communication, objection handling, negotiation skills, closing techniques, and customer success strategies.

Experienced Instructors

Consider the credentials and expertise of the trainers or facilitators delivering the program. 

Ideally, the most beneficial courses are led by industry veterans, experienced sales professionals, or renowned experts in the SaaS space. 

Trainers with real-world experience can provide valuable insights, practical examples, and relevant anecdotes that enhance your learning experience.

Interactive Learning Methods

You learn more when the instructor employs interactive and engaging teaching methods. Look for programs incorporating role-playing exercises, quizzes, case studies, simulations, group discussions, and hands-on activities. Interactive learning fosters active participation, enhances knowledge retention, and allows for practical application of skills.

Post-Training Support

Consider enrolling in a program that offers continued support beyond the initial training. Post-training support such as one-on-one coaching, mentoring, or access to an online community of learners can reinforce the skills learned and help you navigate challenges encountered in real-world sales situations.

Reviews, Ratings and Testimonials

Check out the reviews and ratings of the program, and look for testimonials from previous participants to evaluate if it’s a right fit for you. This gives you a clearer idea of what to expect from the program should you enroll. 

Next Steps: Preparing for Success In SaaS Sales

At this point, it’s important to reiterate that investing in a SaaS sales training program goes beyond the time or money involved. Instead, it’s more of an investment in your personal and professional growth as a sales professional in the ever-evolving SaaS world. 

On the flip side, the courses we've explored in this guide offer various approaches and techniques, each with unique strengths and learning outcomes. 

However, if you’re looking for a value-packed SaaS sales training program — one led by an industry-recognized saas sales expert and has actually ‘seen it all’ — then look no further than Chris Orlob’s 

Our training program is designed with your success in mind, and our approach is simple — we teach you ‘what actually works in the real world’ and practice with you till it becomes a part of you. In fact, our methods are based on PROVEN SaaS sales techniques that helped grow from $200k to $200M in annual revenue and a $7.2B valuation.

Join 10,000 (and growing) SaaS sellers, leaders, and entrepreneurs growing their revenue with our training.

Access to Platinum Passport — 90% OFF 👈

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